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ARMOURY: Pharmaceuticals

I’ll collate these in one post since they are all related and they all came from Fires of Creation.

Pharmaceutical, Uncommon-Rare

Hemochem is a wonder of ancient technology that stops bleeding and promotes healing.  A single dose of hemochem grantsScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 23.26.35 fast healing for 1 minute.  The healing effect depends on the grade of hemochem which can be 1 to 5.  Multiple injections do not stack but do reset the duration of the effect back to 1 minute.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 23.26.23

Technological Gear, Uncommon
Weight -, Capacity 10

Injectors can take many forms from cheap low-tech disposable syringes up to sophisticated hypo sprays and even bio-attuned skin patches. An injector can hold a single dose of any drug, which a character may administer as a Bonus Action.  A medlance will fail after 10 uses as its internal sterilisation mechanism are depleted and the device becomes useless.

Pharmaceutical, Uncommon

Obscura can be refined for legitimate Imperial use.  When used in this way it acts as a truth serum.  The target may resist the effects of a single dose with a successful DC 10 Wisdom saving throw.  On failure the creature is under the equivalent affect of a charm person spell for 1-minute.  Multiple doses increase the potency of the effect.  Each additional dose increases the DC by 2 and resets the duration back to 1-minute.

Nimmerian name: Torpinal.

Pharmaceutical, Uncommon

The glass receptacle of this injector contains 1 dose of a bright-yellow serum.  When injected into a creature (this is a standard action), the chemical solution bonds with radiation particles and passes them through your system granting immunity to low radiation for 1 hour, and advantage on saving throws against other radiation effects for that duration.  In addition, it heals 1d4 points of exhaustion caused by radiation poisoning as well as any related poisoning condition inflected by radiation.

Nimmerian name: Vitality Serum.

Pharmaceutical, Uncommon

Stimm is a powerful drug that works to mask pain and drive fighters on when their bodies would otherwise give up.    A viscous, blue serum fills the receptacle attached behind the nozzle of this metallic injector.  Three small panels on the side of the injector light up one at a time when touched— selecting a colour (red, blue, or green) is a free action. The injector contains only 1 dose of stimm. Injecting the serum is a standard action that heals the recipient of 1d8 points of damage, grants advantage on initiative checks, and has an additional effect identical to the spell enhance ability, depending upon the current colour selection.

  • Red grants the recipient Bear’s Endurance.
  • Blue grants the recipient Bull’s Strength.
  • Green grants the recipient Cat’s Grace.

The enhancement bonus lasts for 3 minutes, after which the recipient of the serum becomes fatigued gaining one level of exhaustion for 1 hour. If the recipient receives more than 1 dose of universal serum in a 24-hour period, the healing effect still occurs but no enhancement bonus is granted; instead, the recipient immediately becomes exhausted for 1 hour.

Nimmerian name: Universal Serum.

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