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RANDOM ENCOUNTERS: Traveling Nimmeria’s Wasteland

I only used this table if the characters failed the travel montage skill challenge or just to spice up travel on a success for the non-combat encounters.

  1. Auromvox Stalking: An Auromvox get attracted to Deathtrap (or a mated pair to Cortina) and attack.
  2. T-Rex Incident: A Tyrannosaurus Rex takes interest in the party and pursues them.  If they are in Cortina the T-Rex will try and knock them over by ramming.  —> Alt, Acid Rain.
  3. A kellid tribe (The Last Star Kin): This small tribe of nomadic Kellid barbarians consists of one chieftain (as berserker, MM pg. 344), a shaman (as druid, MM pg. 346), and six tribal warriors (MM pg. 350). A tribe generally encompasses another 3d10 noncombatants, including hunters and gatherers, the young, and the elderly.  This unusual tribe believes they are descended from the natives of the star that fell during the Rain of Stars and are not anti-technology.  Can trade for food/information.
  4. Ancient Gazebo: This encounter can occur only once; if you reroll this result, there is no random encounter. The characters stumble upon a crumbling stone gazebo covered in vines and draped with moss. The structure is a relic of an ancient elf kingdom that predates the Rain of Stars, and it provides adequate shelter from the rain. In the middle of the gazebo stands a moss-covered, white marble statue of a robed female elf pointing north (toward Chesed, which is where the capital of this elvish kingdom used to be). Neither the statue nor the ruin is magical, yet for whatever reason, reptiles, insects and other non-monstrous creatures shun the place, making it an ideal location for camping.
  5. Ancient Ruin: The characters discover a ruin consisting of little more than a few moss-covered walls and broken pieces of statuary. Characters who search the site find clues (bits of pottery, chiseled elven runes, crumbling sundials, stone arrow heads, and other evidence) that tell something of the ruin’s history. A character well versed in history can, with a successful DC 20 Intelligence check, ascertain the truth.  The ruin is the remains of an elven outpost destroyed during the Rain of Stars (making it extremely old).  Ancient ruins tend to attract monsters and curious passersby. If the characters linger in the ruins for more than an hour, feel free to stage an encounter here.
  6. A Bulette swimming: A bulette is attracted to the party.  It may attack (if they are on horseback or walking) or it may swim along (if the PCs are using Cortina).  If it is non-hostile the event is a school of bullete that dance and leap along with the rhino as it makes its way to its target.
  7. Horses: These wild horses can be caught and ridden. A character hoping to tame a horse must succeed at a DC 12 Charisma check. If the check fails, the horse runs away; otherwise, it allows the character to approach without bolting. Another check is  required to make the horse go where the character wants it to go.
  8. Becrux.  A great blue dragon sweeps majestically above you.  It swoops towards you for a closer look before continuing on its way.  When it buzzed the rhino you could see it is no mere blue dragon.  This dragon twists and whips with near untraceable speed. Its horns, crests along its neck, and wings emit a glow like starlight.  The beast is immense.   It continues on south-west (towards The Silver Mount).  If the players insanely engage Becrux she will blast them with fire before laughing and flying off.  For this encounter treat her as a Ancient Red Dragon (MM pg. 98.  Fire Breath (Recharge 5-6). The dragon exhales fire in a 90-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 24 Dexterity saving throw, taking 91 (26d6) fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one).  —> Alt, Falling Stars.
  9. The wreck of the Dusklight.  Their chipfinder will go off a few miles from the crash site.
  10. Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars encounter table (appropriate)
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