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MAGIC ITEMS: Voidfrost Cloak

Converted over from the original Pathfinder version for 5e.  Found on Anada Visk in The Choking Tower.

Wonder time, very rare (requires attunement)

This hooded black cloak gives the impression of a star night.  If examined closely will see the constellations slowly move and sometimes comets will shoot across it its surface.  Even stranger things can be observed for the patient viewer.  It is as if the cloak was made from the tapestry of deep heaven.

The robe grants the wearer cold resistance and increases the wearer’s caster level for all spells with the cold descriptor by +1 (range attacks, damage die and and DCs).

Once per day on command as a bonus action, the wearer of the robe can detonate a frost nova in a 20-foot-radius burst of cold. Creatures other than the wearer within the area take 4d6 points of cold damage and are stunned for 1 minute (Dexterity DC 16 halves the damage and cancels the stun effect).

Banner art by Amy Brown

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