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I have a problem with D&D 5e and magic items.  I tend to like low magic settings but even the high magic setting of 5e my players consider very miserly.  Considering most of my group is under the age of 20 they are use to Diablo like magic item replacements.  But I didn’t want them to just get new magic items every few levels – “Maul +1 replaced by Maul +2 at level 10 etc”.  I was trying to think of a solution when the Dungeon Hacking blog posted a 5e update to Legacy weapons from 3.5e.  Bingo! I found my solution.  Now my characters can have more powerful (though appropriate) weapons without being inundated with magic items that become obsolete or worse, break the game. I borrowed liberally from the original Weapons of Legacy 3.5e sourcebook for each.

Here is the sixth one for Rikku our busy recorder of deeds and sneaky rogue. 


Weapon (naval pistol), Legacy (requires attunement)

What fevered mind conceived of this vicious device that sends shotgun shells hurling towards one’s enemies in a conveniently sized pistol?

Damage: 1d6 +1 piercing, Weight: 3 lbs, Properties: Ammunition (50/150) [12 gauge], light, loading, no penalty at point blank range. Proficiency: Small Guns.

This pair of weapons are the personal side-arms of the Lord-captain of the Divinity – a one Kinker Drub – scion of the rogue trader house Drub. These weapons were ancient when the Rain of Stars occurred over 1,000 years ago. These weapons come as a pair and fires a single shot before requiring a reload but that single shot packs a huge kick.  The weapon is considered magical and grants a +1 bonus to hit and damage and allows its attuned owner to add their Dexterity bonus to damage.

Gilded in gold and silver they have a name emblazoned on the handles in gothic – DIVINITY – along with a coat of arms of some kind – A gavel on a red shield with a starburst background – perhaps a family crest?

All the following are legacy item abilities of Flair.

Synergy.  At 5th level, you gain advantage on Charisma checks and related skills. When Flair is within 30 feet of its twin, Panache, you gain an additional +1d4 bonus to the roll.

Fast-Talker. Beginning at 6th level, you can take 10 on Charisma checks and related skills, that is, you gain a passive ability in Charisma based skills.  You gain the bonus only when attempting to verbally deceive another.

Eavesdropper.  At 8th level and higher, once per day on command, you can use detect thoughts (PHB pg. 231) as the spell. The save DC is 13, or 12 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher.

Completed Twin.  Once you reach 10th level, when Flair is within 30 feet of Panache, its effective enhancement bonus is +2.

Master Duelist. At 17th level your mastery of the pistol lets you turn failure to success in combat. If you miss with an attack, you can choose to roll the attack again with advantage. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

All the following are legacy item abilities of Panache.

Fancy Footwork.  Starting at 7th level, you are a continuous blur of motion in battle as you dart in, attack, and slip away to safety. During your turn, if you make an attack against a creature, that creature cannot make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn.

Toujours l’Audace.  At 9th level, your unmistakable confidence propels you into battle. You add your Charisma modifier to your initiative rolls. In addition, you can use Sneak Attack with any attack made against a target that has none of your allies adjacent to it.

Panache. At 11th level, your charm becomes as sharp and dangerous as your blade. As an action, you can make a Charisma (Persuasion) check contested by a creature’s Wisdom (Insight) check. The creature must be able to hear you, and the two of you must share a language. If you succeed on the check and the creature is hostile, it must target you or a willing ally with any attacks it makes and cannot willingly move farther away from you or the allied target. This effect lasts for 1 minute or until you move more than 60 feet away from the target. If you succeed on the check and the creature is not hostile, it is charmed by you for 1 minute. While charmed, it regards you as a friendly acquaintance.

Completed Twin.  Once you reach 10th level, when Panache is within 30 feet of Flair, its effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than normal.

Elegant Maneuver.  You complete difficult maneuvers with practiced ease. Starting at 13th level, you can use a bonus action to gain advantage on the next Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Athletics) check you make on your turn.

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