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The Paladin Skell Build

Departing from D&D momentarily over to Xenoblade Chronicles X a WIIU game that has consumed hundreds of hours of my free time since the it was released.  Xenoblades reminds me so much of a D&D hex crawl it isn’t funny.  This game has elegant design in spades.  I can’t recommend it enough.

But the reason for this post is to document the Paladin Skell build.  It is a mix of ideas and builds from the gamefaqs board on the game.  I can’t take credit for it but I also don’t want the information to disappear.

The Paladin is a skell (mech) that can be used to beat the end-boss to 100% the game.  It can also be used to kill the optional uber-bosses as well.  I used this build to kill Telethia the Endbringer, Pharsis the Everqueen and Nardacyon as well as every other tyrant you care to name.  Due to the builds thermal nature, it will need to be tweaked to take on Vortices.

Telethia Kill

The Paladin is a thermal based regeneration tank mech.  The ingredients:

  • Level 60 Lailah Queen Skell frame with 3x PositionDmg.ABOVE XX
  • 2x Diskbombs with 3x Custom.WP-ATK XX.  You only want the Custom.WP-MSL-MAG version, if you can stomach the camping you are after the 906 force version with Custom.WP-MSL-MAG V so you can upgrade it to MAG X for maximum number of diskbombs per shot.
  • Enough SpecUP.XXX-RES XX as you need to get the particular resistance you need to 100.  So, for example, against the Telethia who has ether based attacks and an ether based spike attack, you want SpecUP.ETHR-RES XX.


The Paladin
Diskbombs of Glory!
The Queen of Tanks

Thats it in terms of build.  You can throw in some super weapons if you like as you can see in my build.  But you don’t need it. You don’t even need the best-in-slot for this to work.  All it means is that it will take you longer to kill the target.  You can use this site to find out where the drops for everything is.

There are two time-consuming camps however.  The diskbombs and the ingredients for the Custom.WP-ATK XX.  The diskbombs drop from Milsaadi Savages on the slopes of Mount M’gando in Cauldros. Out of 60 drops I got the two average diskbombs you see above.  The Custom.WP-ATK is just time consuming because you need a minimum of six – 3 for each diskbomb so you are looking at 96 of each ingredient:


How it works – the Lailah Queen can gain near unlimited overdrive.  This give you survivability.  As the diskbombs build your GP you should be able to maintain overdrive the whole fight with the exception of that second or two it takes you to restart it.  With the overdrive active the Paladin regenerates making in nigh-unkilable except for a one-shot attack which nothing in Xenoblade can do.  The overdrive also gives the Paladin immunity to debuffs and status affects so you continue to DPS the whole battle (and regenerate GP) as well as ignore debuffs that make you susceptible to the big damage attacks (thats why you don’t need more than a 100 resistance in the specific bosses favoured energy type).

With that you have your tank-healing Paladin and can more easily 100% the game and do the optional end-game bosses.

The Paladin also works surprisingly well as a farming mech.  It can dismember anything that can be targeted via a Skell with its diskbombs.  So ticket farming only takes a few minutes, for example.

For non-ticket farming duty I normally replace the shoulder weapons with two slinger missiles (dropped from the same mobs as the G-Buster and Phoenix which you will need to be able to easily farm the components for your Ares-90 and Lailah Queen) also upgraded for more hits per shot.  Slot in 3x Crush.Append each and you can crush every appendage you need without leaving the comfort of your mech.

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