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Drowrought Items

In Baldur’s Gate 2 you ventured into the Underdark and killed many many drow in the process.  Each dropped +1 to +5 magic items – in particular swords and armour.  I still remember the astonishment of getting so much loot so quickly.  When we (I played with my wife) left the Underdark we had hoarded full backpack full of the stuff.  The moment we returned to sunlit world the magic items all turned to dust!  Such a nice touch and a memory that lingers even today.  In this vain I created the drowrought magic trait.  I also made sure that any metal items of drow manufacture were drowrought so the fleeing slaves who managed to loot the armoury had a bit of an edge while in the Underdark.

Armour (medium or heavy, but not hide), common (+1), uncommon (+2), or rare (+3)
Weapon (any metal weapon including ammunition), common (+1), uncommon (+2), or rare (+3)

This magical armour or weapon is of drow manufacture and wrought in the armouries of their many decadent cities.  They are powerful magic items that give the drow an edge against their many Underdark enemies.  However, much like the drow who made them, they are ineffective in the sunlit realms.  If a drowrought item is exposed to direct sunlight for 1 hour it turns into worthless dust.
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