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Linked to the Skill Challenge. I used combat zones for this encounter, worked well.




A group of five storm ninjas has set up an ambush in this location. Depending on how they fared in the skill challenge, the PCs come into the area in a more or less favourable position. If the PCs succeeded on the challenge, they set up in the area marked “A” on the map. If the PCs failed the challenge, they set up in the area marked “B” instead.

In addition, this encounter also includes an area of treacherous ice.

The ninja are positioned at a higher elevation, as shown on the map. Ramps of packed snow lead up the hills in a few places, but the terrain favours the ninja. If none of the PCs succeeds on a Perception check, the ninja gain a surprise round. The ninja are all crouching down and have the advantage of elevation.

Perception CheckDC varies: (Active or passive, as appropriate; opposed by a bakemono’s Stealth check, and it has a +5 bonus.) A kenku wrapped in ninja carb is crouching down above you.

When the goblins attack, read:

A mass of goblins leaps up from the hills on both sides of you. Most of them brandish javelins and crude short swords, but a few of them wear better armour and carry crossbows. From the highest vantage point, another goblin clad in robes waves a rod and makes arcane gestures.


The terrain favours ranged combat and the ninja cutters start out by tossing javelins rather than rushing into melee. They engage anybody who tries to climb up the sides of the hills, allowing the sharpshooters to remain free. Kikonu, in a weakened state after so many defeats (a punishment from Anumaramon), uses his freezing cloud to create a patch of difficult terrain, hopefully slowing some of the PCs down so that they are exposed to more ranged attacks. The ninjas’ nekode ability allows them to ignore the effect. The Kikonu uses his freezing hex and icebound hex to slow down any PCs who appear to be leading the attack. It tries to keep at least one cutter near it so that it can use its lead from the rear ability if anyone targets it with a ranged attack.

Features of the Area – Combat Zones

  • Illumination: The light varies based on the time of day.clip_image002
  • 10-foot Hill x3: The hills are at +10-foot and +20-foot elevation as indicated on the map. Ramps of packed snow lead up the sides of the hills in a few places; these are considered normal terrain. A character can also try to climb the sides of the hills, which are icy and slippery. A successful DC 10 Athletics check allows a character to climb at half speed (so it would cost 20 feet of movement to climb up the side of a 10-foot tall hill).
  • 20-foot Hill: Similar to the 10-foot hills except there is no ramp up to the first 10-foot area. The 20-foot hill zone sits inside on of the 10-foot hill zones.
  • Ice Slick: The 4-by-5 square area indicated on the map is hindering terrain. Characters moving through this area are subjected to attacks by the treacherous ice (see its statistics block for details). The ninja all nekodes equipped and can ignore the treacherous ice. The ice slick connects to the three hills.
  • Snow Field: All areas connect to the three hills, but it takes longer to maneuverer in this area due to the snow. It is considered difficult terrain.


The ninja have a total of 50 sen among them, along with two potions of healing and a medallion showing five intertwining storms – earth, fire, air, water with void at the centre and it is worth 100 sen. Selling it will trigger another ninja ambush as Anumaramon traces the medallion back to its source.


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