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Wako (Sea Pirate)

Continuing to complete 1e AD&D Oriental Adventures conversion of monsters.  Mostly for completeness sake.


Like their brethren, the buccaneers and pirates, the wako ply the warm seas, boarding ships and raiding coastal towns. They are a vicious scourge, greatly feared by all who travel the seas of Kara-Tur. Composed of men of low class who have fled their homelands or have been hired by powerful lords, the wako are desperate and dangerous men. Even the fierce western pirates, from their few encounters with the wako, regard them with fear.

The wako have a disregard for death. Knowing that horrible tortures and death await them should they ever be captured, they fight to the last man no matter how hopeless the situation. Likewise, they take no prisoners, except women who are carried to their towns as slaves. This attitude renders them utterly ferocious in battle.

For every 30 wako encountered there is a bushi present and for every 60 there is a  barbarian . These are in addition to the numbers indicated by the dice. They are always led by a samurai. With him is a barbarian lieutenant  and 1-3 bushi mates. For every 30 wako present there is a 5% chance that a wu-jen is present.

The arms and armor of a force of wako are:

  • Hara-ate-gawa & sword – 50%
  • Sword & bow – 10%
  • Do-maru & sword – 15%
  • Kote & spear – 10%
  • Kote, do-maru, sword & bow – 5%
  • Haramaki, sword, spear, & bow – 10%

All leaders and high level types wear o-yoroi.


The lair of the wako is a permanent settlement, possibly on the lands of the sponsoring lord. It is walled and is well defended and patrolled.

Wako use any of the pirate stat block and/or  bandit and thug  for the average pirate. Regardless, all wako, irrespective of CR, class or type have the Ferocious trait added:

Ferocious. All wako fight with a + 2 on hit rolls and a + 1 on damage (not included).


Banner Art: One Piece (c) Viz Comics

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