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Clash of the Titans (Session X)

Game log for session 6 one of my players (my daughter) wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.  For context, the party is meant to meet the oracle and have to be there within 7 days but it takes 6 days by Golden Barge, longer by normal ship. However, Rodrig the Blue Medusae Champion has been summoned to the Medusae to deal with Chantarelle and it will take 3 days to get to the Blue Maze with the Golden Barge. The party decides to head to the Medusa, then use the portal in the Maze to get to Sigil, enter the Gardens of Ynn – where time doesn’t pass – and then exit in a garden near the Oracle. 


The party battled Chanterelle and her men,

For the entrance now hindered,

They fought back persistently, 

And soon they were all injured.

A rumbling interrupted them,

That shook the pillars and ground,

And out of the sand rose the slug,

It’s now-massive body profound.


It was closing in slowly, 

Consuming everything in its path, 

So Cornelius rendered Chanterelle insensible,

Before they were all victims to the slug’s wrath.

Escape through the gates they did,

Leaving it all behind,

And focus on getting to the Medusa, 

For they were being timed.


Rodrig entailed her with his stories,

From the outside world, she craved, 

And satisfied she was for now, 

In her deeply hidden cave.

Then they were abruptly called,

By Chronia to speak,

The lady of time herself,

And she rewarded them with a piece,

A tear of her own,

That, when swallowed, would undo, 

A single deed that they rued.


Pass through Sigil they did,

To enter the Gardens of Yin, 

For the Oracle, they were tasked to save,

And their difficulties had yet to begin.


They discovered a mellow garden,

Filled with Rocking Horses and Dragon Flies,

The flowers were unnaturally tall,

And a wooden guardian stood by.

Octavia attempted to catch,

One of the Dragon Flies, 

But she injured it instead,

And red-colored the guardian’s eyes.


It chased them in anger, 

Until they were forced to run,

And stumble across a maze they did,

That they hardly thought would be fun.


But brave it they did,

And after turning a corner,

A tall glass statue stood before them,

One dressed as a butler.

“The master is hungry,” it sang,

And lunged for an attack, 

So Atticus took it out with a bang,

Shattering it with a boulder.


Deeper they explored,

And a large chessboard they saw,

Black and white were at odds,

As the pieces fought on their own.

White beckoned for their aid,

Against the dark forces, they battled,

Of the witch Morgan the Fey, 

And so Cornelius and Rodrig joined them.

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