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The Golden Apple Incident

One of my players drew this which was a chaotic moment triggered by a random encounter.  The comic will need some context. My players are traversing the Plangent Wizard’s maze – converted for 5e, modified for my campaign.  The random encounter rolled was “thieving crabs”.  The party has no one proficient in Perception so they all failed to notice the crabs stealing there purses.  An Insight check let the one of the PCs notice the missing coin purses. They pursued the swarm of thieving crabs down some stairs. The character who drew this (playing a young silver dragon called Goodle – long story) chucked a magic item called a Golden Apple. The Golden Apple causes all creatures who see it to make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or go mad with greed trying to posses it – to the point they will fight over it.  The entire party failed except one character, and along with the crab swarm, started trying to get it.  Well the dragon also failed his saving throw (so the character who threw it) and used his cold breath on the entire party and crabs to get the apple back. Crabsicle.


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