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Covetous Shen (PF 1e) (PC list)

Covetous Shen is a repeating character in my game world.  Originally Arley the Weaver, and then Kikonu in one of his guises now more commonly known as Covetous Shen.  He is merchant who trades in flawed/cursed magic items – but at bargain basement prices. I tend to introduce him once per campaign right after the party has had a big monetary score. His been visiting my group since 3rd edition so 2000. Here is an updated version for OSE/AD&D.


You hear a small bell ringing before you see the source of the bell, an old Asian man with a giant backpack and a staff, on top of which is the bell. He seems to be lost in thought then, when he sees you, he has a look of surprise on his face.  He quickly drops his backpack, and faster than a man his age should move, he lays out a red carpet filled with shiny items of all sorts.  He beckons you urgently and says;

I have precisely what you need. You can say you do not need anything? That is only because you have not yet seen what I have to offer good sirs!”

“My stock has a lifetime guarantee and a two-day warranty!”

DM list here (private link).


  • Arrow of “Slaying”. 
  • Scroll of Teleport.
  • Wand of Disappointment.
  • An almost-flying carpet.
  • Lucky Balls. A small case of d12 black spheres with sigils of Ebisu on them.
  • Belt of Oni Strength. “This bright red and black belt is more a girdle than a belt the buckle area has a sneering oni on it”. (5,000gp)
  • Refurbished Wand of Healing.
  • Ring of Criticals! Makes bad luck, good!
  • Ring of Rusty. Makes you more resilient!
  • Fentor’s Fantastic Spelltome Trapper-Keeper. If you are struck with a spell, its effects are doubled in intensity (2x duration, 2x damage, 2x turns of effects). That spell shows up on a glitter-lined piece of paper in Fentor’s Trapper-Keeper when the effects wear off, which can then be added to a spellbook.
  • Belt of the Friend. Share the burden of happiness with your friend.
  • Ring of Hagakure Tōru. Ring of invisibility!
  • Belt of the Shining Hero. You can shoot lasers from your belly button!
  • Necklace of balance. You choose when to get that critical!
  • The Unavoidable Blade. A great katana, magical. Blade never misses.
  • Sash of Plus Ultra! A blue silk sash that gives +1 to attack and damage rolls on command!
  • Chain Mail of Attraction. Provides a large bonus to your constitution (never get sick!) and makes you very attractive to erstwhile enemies.
  • Cloak of Energy Resistance (pick one).
  • Rock of Detection ([url:|tab]link[/url]‌).
  • Bag of holding. The bag provides +10 slots to the PC (1,250 gp).
  • Blade of Bertoxxulous. +1 katana (longsword), the black blade pulses as if alive. As it is swung, puss-filled boils form along the blade and hilt then pop, spewing vicious green mucous (500gp.)
  • Armor Annihilator. +1 Dai-Katana (greatsword), armored targets struck by this weapon may have their armor destroyed. A greatsword hammered together from armor that failed to protect is the owner (1,000gp.)
  • Kami’s Tear. +1 rapier of light (radiant), heals the wielder for 1/2 of the damage done. A very thin blade that appears to be made of blue agate. The handle depicts Amaterasu’s (chief power of the Japanese pantheon) face weeping sunstones (650gp).
  • Forked Tongue. Double Scimitar that does 2d4 slashing damage and can only be wielded by a warrior that has dual-weapon proficiency/talent. It mocks your enemies viciously. A (arcastic) talking oni’s face forms the hilt with its forked tongue making the blades (750gp).
  • Scabbed Pinions. +1 pair of wakizashi (shortswords) that must be used as a pair. If striking from above does an additional +1d6. Grants the wielder access to the feather fall spell 1/day. The blades are fashioned to look like feathers. The hilts are sharp bloodstained talons (1,200gp).
  • Jigoku Touched. +2 ninja-t0 (shortsword). The weapon can be ignited which does 1 additional point of fire damage and provides light equivalent to a torch. The flame can be used up to 6 turns per day. A curved blade that flickers with unnatural flames. Whispers of its previous victims can be heard but not quite made out when it’s swung (2,500gp.)
  • Tortoise Clan Armor! This appears to be a collection of organic armored plates, like a carapace or very large fish scales. Donning this item grafts it to you permanently, covering your entire body with scales that protect you (AC 17) but do not hinder your movement in any way, even when attempting to be stealthy. The relic augments your muscles; your Strength score is 15 while you wear it. This has no effect on you if your Strength is 15 or higher without them ([url:|tab]picture[/url]‌) (2,500gp).
  • Gaki O-Yori. Undead power-armor. A humanoid skeleton imbued with tremendous strength. When a creature dons the armor, the skeleton will latch to your back and expand in a way that does not impede movement (5,542 gp.)
    • +3 to STR/DEX to a maximum of 19.
    • Jumping distance doubled.
    • +10 feet to your Speed.
    • +5 slots of inventory space.
    • Unarmed strikes do an additional 1d6 damage.
    • You have advantage on STR and DEX ability checks.
  • Ring of The Rhyming Bard. Grants a bonus to bard abilities of +1.
  • The Golden Apple. Throw the apple, and creatures that see it must make a DC 20 Will saving throw or seek to possess the apple at all costs, including fighting other creatures for it who also failed the saving throw.
  • Mizuchi’s Exquisite Aquamarine. The ring is so impressive that you get +1 on CHA ability and related skill checks.
  • Dragon’s Claw. A claw from a dragon that radiates a magical aura. Once per day, the Dragon’s Claw also lets you know where anything of actual value is kept within a 50-mile radius.
  • Potion of Bludgeoning Resistance (Robust integument formula).
  • Potion of Natural Weaponry (Essentia lunula). Turns your fingernails into weapons.
  • Potion of Treasure (Nonpareil regurgitative tonic). Drink it and gain a (random!) treasure!
  • Potion of the Booming Voice (Seismic mirth tincture). Smite your enemies with thunder!
  • Potion of Cold Resistance (Insulating tincture). The cold won’t bother you!
  • Potion of Mirror Image (Multiplication solution). Duplicate yourself!
  • rock with eyes painted on it. It makes you feel incredibly self-conscious if it’s looking at you.
  • ANOTHER invisibility ring! Lightly used! Only recently removed from a dead ninja’s finger. Fresh!
  • THE Lucky Coin of legend. You become lucky.
  • wand of feather fall. Self explanatory.
  • The deceiver’s mask. When worn, it completely hides your identity.
  • fish anywhere fishing pole. Fish whenever the fancy takes you!
  • Electric Sheep this weapon was retrieved from the Skyfortress of the Space Wizards so must be super valuable. It is made from skymetal (treat as adamantium, unbreakable short of powerful magic) (1,000gp), (link).
  • Deck of Contradictions. Draw a card and see what happens!  Will you roll the skull dice? Its all a fun game. No permanent consequences (NOTE: Permanent consequences). 1k for a draw of the deck. 20k for the deck.
And, of course, there is always the Lucky Dip! 10gp per 1d100 rolled to a maximum of 4d100. Higher numbers tend to be better items.


Art Credit: Yojimbo Seal 

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