The People of the Dying Earth

As a big fan of Jack Vance I was recently reminded as I worked my way through Tales from the Dying Earth that magic in Jack’s world is essentially math and anyone with the brains and tenacity to study can learn magic.   Here is a 5e optional rule for humans in any Vancian type […]

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1e Psionics in 5e

Thinking more about 1e I figured it would be a nice option to allow the chance for latent psionics as we did in the old days (I recall having 1 character who rolled the required % number over decades of play).  Here are the 5e updated rules. PSIONICS Psionics are various powers derived from the […]

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I got this idea from video games actually, specifically the PS4 game Horizon.  The idea here is that once a large enemy is damaged enough the Cypher Thief can yank bits of the robot apart and use it during the battle against the robot.  The idea of Cyphers I “stole” from Numenera. Edit (14042019): I ended […]



I have never managed to do travel very well as DM so I am always tinkering with options.  I didn’t want to hand wave all the travel that occurs after Scrapwall but I didn’t want to do straight up random encounters.  I totally skipped 4th edition, it didn’t grab me.  But I was recently reading […]


ARMOURY: The Ligntning Blade

There is a small temple of Dorana in Chesed revering her sea-queen aspect.  It is also home to the Lightning Blade.  An enchanted version of Dorana’s holy symbol.  This was initially a standard double blade but it was rent in two when its original wielder, Janek Firestarter, tracked down an infamous murderer to the Chesed […]

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Boons & Banes

I like the advantage system but I don’t really track it very well.  So I am going to keep that system as is and dish out the reward as needed, but since I am inattentive to it, I am reintroducing Fate Points from my previous campaigns (stolen from WFRP back in 1987) as I feel that suits […]

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