typhon (sydon)

I am running a modified Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign called Clash of the Titans.  My players finally faced off against Sydon (who I renamed Typhon to make it more in line with Greek mythology).  A fun time was had by all.  I eliminated the Kentamane battle entirely. The original Sydon was pretty boring, looked […]

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juno, harpy noble

I am running a modified Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign called Clash of the Titans.  My players are at the end of the campaign as written investigating the tower of the big-bad.  I wanted to have a beholder at some point in the game, but beholders dont really fit a Greco-Roman campaign.  So I created […]

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golden axe skeleton

In the game The Golden Axe there are skeletons who are tougher than the mini-bosses.  This spawned a joke about “beware the skeletons with the golden axe”.  Here is the skeleton.  He is on a random encounter for my Clash of the Titans game.  A rebuild of my Gasha-Dokuro skeleton from Japan. In my game, […]

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Quetzal the Sidh Sorceress-Queen

I used the adventure “Spire of Quetzal” as the exit from the Gardens of Ynn.  My PCs did what they could to avoid combat with Quetzal and after she possessed a character, knocked that character out before fleeing back to their homeward – The Ninth World.  Here are her 5e stats.  I changed Quetzal to […]

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Dante the Will-O-Wisp

Dante is a devotee of Thanatos and Orcus.  In his mind they are the same being.  Whenever Dante makes an attack that does psychic damage the target hears a heavy metal power chord plays (intro, set). If Dante successfully uses consume life the target is sent straight to Orcus’s realm in the abyss and rises […]

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Sutolore the Outcast Varrangoin

My PCs ran from this guy abandoning treasure in fear.  Posted here for reference. Varrangoins resembled emaciated man-sized humanoids with huge leathery bat wings, terrifying skull-like faces, and dark grey or black skin. Their tails were barbed on their ends and filled with a potent poison.[1]Varrangoins were extremely sensitive to sunlight. Each varrangoin had an […]

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The Eld(ar): Banshee Attack Squad

When my PCs stole the Golden Barge from the Eldar during the Slumbering Ursine Dunes adventure Major Xhom got away and has been attempting to retrieve the Golden Barge – a piece of Eldar science-wizard artifact. These will continue until they kill Major Xhom, here are some Eldar Banshees to help him out.  I use a short […]

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My PCs recently derailed a whole bunch of my planning through creative play – which is fine, the surprises make the game more entertaining for me this way – they ended up in the Slumbering Ursine Dunes and here are converted monsters for my own reference with abbreviated 5e stat blocks. In the corelands of […]

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