Behold! The Pudding King!

Here is an updated Pudding King for Out of the Abyss.  My players never made it this far as they were killed by the myconid fungal zombie horde in Neverlight Grove.  Should be a challenge to level 5 to 6 characters especially after they had run the gauntlet of slimes and oozes protecting him in […]

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Another thematically tweaked demon lord for Out of the Abyss. JUIBLEX Huge fiend (demon) chaotic evil Armour Class 18 (natural armour) Hit Points 350 (28d12 + 168) Speed 30 ft. STR 29 (+9)        DEX 14 (+2)       CON 26 (+8) INT 20 (+5)         WIS 17 (+3)        CHA 25 (+7) Saving Throws Dex +7, Con +13, Wis +12 […]