MYRMIDON (Achilles Class)

Mk II of the original myrmidon here. MYRMIDON ROBOT Large Construct (robot), neutral Armour Class 18 (reinforced skymetal plating) Hit Points 200/150 (12d10+60) plus force field Speed 20 ft., fly 90 ft. Str 30(+10)       Dex 19 (+4)       Con 21 (+5) Int 16 (+3)         Wis 18 (+4)        Cha  5 (-4) Saving Throws Con +12, Wis +7, […]

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Hololithic Fragment 09

This is just a voice recording of a melodies female: “UNITY log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,110.9.20.  As mandated by Imperial law I am to include an automated incident report when a major malfunction has occurred.  After leaving the wormhole my engines were severely damaged.  Following emergency procedure I landed the ship on the nearest […]

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MYRMIDON (Phthia Class)

My party saw one of these hunting fugitives in the Killbox and were suitably terrified of the thing.  They managed to hack the lift and with elevator music playing in the background the door opens and two myrmidons are waiting one launching a rocket blast in to the lift ending the song.  The short fight […]

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