ARMOURY: The Ligntning Blade

There is a small temple of Dorana in Chesed revering her sea-queen aspect.  It is also home to the Lightning Blade.  An enchanted version of Dorana’s holy symbol.  This was initially a standard double blade but it was rent in two when its original wielder, Janek Firestarter, tracked down an infamous murderer to the Chesed docks who turned out to be a rakshasa.  A terrible battle ensued with the blade being shattered in the dual.  But, legend has it, Dorana blessed her avenger and turned the blade of the now sundered double-weapon into an arc of lightning at which point Janek was able to finally bring the notorious murderer to justice – by sending it back to the Nine Hells.

At Janek’s death one part of the blade was returned to the shrine as a holy relic, and at Dorana’s direction, the blade has been used by heroes over the centuries in her name.  The second part of the weapon was lost somewhere in Nimmeria.