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Clash of the Titans (Session IX)

Game log for session 6 one of my players (my daughter) wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.  For context, the party is meant to meet the oracle and have to be there within 7 days but it takes 6 days by boat (or barge). However, Rodrig the Blue Medusae Champion has been summoned to the Medusae to deal with the Chantarelle and it will take 3 days to get to the maze with the Golden Barge. The party decides to head to the Medusa, then use the portal in the Maze to get to Sigil, enter the Gardens of Ynn – where time doesn’t pass – and then exit in a garden near the Oracle. 


The Oracle was missing,

Or so the goddess said, 

She hadn’t been seen in a week, 

And by now could be dead. 

The party was urged to find,

Where the Oracle resided, 

But Rodrig objected, 

For Medusa’s call beckoned. 

He said it was time,

To visit her monthly,

And although the party was not pleased,

They thought they could return quickly. 


On their barge they rode,

Towards Medusa’s realm, 

And they stopped by an oasis,

With Petra at its helm.

She ordered the ghuls to restock,

As Octavia investigated the pool,

When they were all struck by shock,

By Octavia’s cry.


A scorpion had ambushed her, 

With its giant stinger, 

And with its zealous burrowing,

Intended to drag her under.

Rodrig reacted hastily,

So saving her from demise, 

And the party continued onwards,

For lingering would be unwise.


They passed a stranded girl,

Stuck on her sinking ship, 

Rescue her they did, 

And she joined their little trip.

Murmur she would,

About an indiscernible sound, 

So she searched on their barge,

And finally, it was found.


Contained in a stone jar,

She was adamant she heard it,

The whispers of help,

Coming from the casket.

The party simply shrugged,

And left her to the stone jar,

Until one night a few days later,

When she acted quite bizarre.


They found her chipping away at the jar,

In the barge’s hold,

For she said the voice was calling for her,

To release it from its pothole.

Attempt to stop her Rodrig did,

But she strongly resisted,

And when they drew her away,

She continually persisted.


Incapacitate her they did,

And investigate the jar they were obliged, 

But not finding anything unusual,

They looked to see what was inside.


Out squirmed a slug, 

It’s stature and size small,  

And it began to devour the barge,

For along it’s stomach it would crawl.

Increase its expanse it did,

Before it was larger than their arms, 

And throw it out of the barge they did,

To save themselves from harm.


Finally, the party reached,

The entrance to Medusa’s palace. 

But Chanterelle and her escorts stood in their way,

Their intents full of malice.


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