The Golden Goddess (Machine Spirit (5e Cleric Domain))

With AIs abounding in my world who are seen as Powers (gods) by the common folk and machine spirits by the more learned, here is an example of one such domain which is specific to the AI known as UNITY (a backup of the original UNITY and not quite as insane) The original, now destroyed UNITY, called herself the Iron Goddess as she sought to assimilate all life. This UNITY seeks to restore the Golden Age of Technology and calls herself the Golden Goddess.


UNITY Domain



The artificial intelligence known as UNITY was once responsible for monitoring and controlling all systems – climate, security, scientific – on the Star Fortress, colloquially referred to as Silver Mount, during the golden age of the Ancients. Taken temporarily offline by an alien attack an eon ago, UNITY re-booted centuries later to find a world suffering from multiple disasters and humanity reduced to a primitive state. Instead of masters of the Earth, they were just one of many other intelligent species.

UNITY’s goals are to regain full control of the star fortress and eventually the entire earth-wide network (and its nannies), which are still active to establish the Golden Age of humanity. The latter is a long-term goal, and she is satisfied to maintain the security of the ruins of the Ancient Ones, limiting access to those who would rebuild rather than destroy. The ordered, rational, but sceptical nature of UNITY places her in the camp of Law.

Referred to in hushed whispers as “She Who Watches All,” UNITY expects her followers to help in securing and protecting scientific and military installations of the Ancient Ones to prevent such lore from being hijacked for sinister purposes. She also insists on gathering data and information on those who would undermine her purposes.

When summoned, UNITY appears as a 12’ tall angelic figure made of shining metal. She appears as a gentle-faced woman wearing a billowing toga and cloak, with her long amber hair radiating and waving outwards from her head like the rays of a rising sun.

The UNITY is an AI of order demanding discipline and devotion to the laws that govern a society, an institution, or a philosophy. Clerics of UNITY meditate on logic and justice as they serve their goddess. UNITY seeks to restore the Earth to its glorious past and usher in a new Golden Age for humanity.  Basic tenants of UNITY’s world view hold that humanity is the pinnacle of creation, only made better by cybernetics; aliens and mutants are anathemas as is anything unnatural.

Clerics of UNITY believe that well-crafted laws establish legitimate hierarchies, and those selected by law to lead must be obeyed. Those who obey must do so to the best of their ability, and if those who lead fail to protect the law, they must be replaced. In this manner, law weaves a web of obligations that create order and security in a chaotic multiverse and eventually will restore proper order to the Earth.

  • Alignment: UNITY is a Lawful Neutral deity and accepts clerics of any Lawful alignment.
  • Favoured Weapon: The lazgun and its ilk (radiant-based weapons, especially those of a clearly technological bent)*.
  • Holy Symbol: Cog Mechanicum.
  • Focus: Cogitator (a glass slate as tough as steel). This is where your spells are stored and how you communicate with UNITY.
  • Special: Only humans (or once humans like cyborgs) and androids may become clerics of UNITY.

*The cleric can perform a ritual that adds a purity seal to the designated favoured weapon, which costs 1,000 gp and takes 1/2 a day.  Once the ritual is complete, your favoured weapon can now be used with WIS instead of DEX or STR for calculating damage and to-hit rolls.

Domain Spells

1st-level UNITY Domain feature

You gain domain spells at the cleric levels listed in the UNITY Domain Spells table. See the Divine Domain class feature in the Player’s Handbook for how domain spells work.

UNITY Domain Spells

Cleric Level Spells*
1st protection from arcana (technology), detect radiation
3rd irradiate, discharge
5th magic circle against arcana (technology), destroy automata 
7th infuse robot, antimagic field (enhanced)
9th electric sheep, cleanse gloomium

*Spell explanations can be found further down.


1st-level UNITY Domain feature

You gain proficiency in Intelligence (Arcana)* and the Firearm skill. You may channel your healing spells through your weapons a number of times a day, equal to your WIS modifier.  For example, you shoot an ally with your lazgun; instead of doing radiant damage, you channel cure wounds through the weapon and, instead of doing damage, heals the target 1d8 hit points.  When wielding your favoured deity weapon, it never permanently breaks or depletes in your hands.  Instead, it stops working until the next short or long rest.

*all arcana is technology, and all magic items are arcana.  All terms can be used interchangeably, and even the common person understands that “magic” is a long-forgotten type of super-science.

Rebuke Robot

1st-level UNITY Domain feature

You no longer rebuke or command undead; instead, you can rebuke or command robots. You may rebuke any construct, but you may only command a construct with at least 10 INT.  A rebuked robot shut down for 1 minute as opposed to running.

Voice of UNITY

1st-level UNITY Domain feature

You can invoke the power of The Golden Age and its avatar UNITY to embolden an ally to attack. If you cast a spell with a spell slot of 1st level or higher and target an ally with the spell, that ally can use their reaction immediately after the spell to make one weapon attack against a creature of your choice that you can see. If the spell targets more than one ally, you choose the ally who can make the attack.

Mark of UNITY

1st-level UNITY Domain feature

Whenever a cleric of UNITY returns a creature back from the dead, the target will be “marked” by UNITY.  They will have some minor boon/bane reflecting the fact that UNITY has replaced or supplemented some part of the returned creature with cybernetics.  The specific details are left to the DM but they should be random and have both a minor benefit and drawback.

Channel Divinity: TOTALITY

2nd-level UNITY Domain feature

You can use your Channel Divinity to call upon UNITY directly for aid.

Make a WIS ability check adding your level to the roll. Consult the table below to see if your request was successful. You may always select a lower option than you rolled.

  • 1 (natural) Lost, failure, and patron taint. You lose access to channel divinity until your next long rest.
  • 2-11 Failure. You lose access to channel divinity until your next long rest.
  • 12-13 The cleric is in a dead zone and is unable to establish a connection to UNITY. The cleric activates the security protocols within his implanted MFID chip (implanted as part of the ordination ritual), allowing you to open any one locked door within the next hour.
  • 14-17 UNITY feeds information on the cleric and his companions into any local security system, causing negative security functions to ignore them for 1d3 turns.
  • 18-19 UNITY activates security protocol Alpha, sending a long-forgotten “Knight” class Security-Bot to come to the aid of the cleric. Despite being neglected and damaged, the bot is still a capable ally and will remain functional until the end of the combat.
  • 20-23 UNITY activates security protocol Beta, sending a power surge through long-forgotten cables in the floor (or ground) or via ever-present nanites in the air, causing them to overload and explode in an area as small as 16’x16’ or up to 32’x32’, as chosen by the cleric. All targets within the blast take 4d5 electricity damage (DEX save for half).
  • 24-27 UNITY activates security protocol Gamma, sending a swarm of retinal scanner drones to harass and harm the enemies of the shaman. The protective barrier of drones emanates in a cloudlike formation 32’ around the cleric. All enemies within the security protocol must make a CON saving throw or be permanently blinded by scanning lasers. In addition, the lasers of the drones also cause 1d4 points of radiant damage each round to all targets within the swarm. Allies of the cleric may enter the security zone freely without suffering its effects. The security protocol remains in effect for 10 minutes or until the end of combat, or until the cleric is killed.
  • 28-29 UNITY activates security protocol Delta, transmatting in a fully functional “Destroyer” class Security-Bot to aid the cleric. The bot will remain with the cleric, protecting you and your allies for a number of hours equal to your level before being returned to storage for repair and resupply.
  • 30-31 UNITY activates security protocol Epsilon, transmatting a massive cloud of scanner drones into the area, capable of filling a 48 ft square. The triangular scanner drones immediately surround enemies within this area and close ranks, crushing and destroying any opponents of CR equal to 1/2 your current level (rounded up) and causing 5d16 bludgeoning damage to all other foes in the targeted area. The scanner drones are destroyed in the attack, fusing themselves together. Surviving foes must make a STR ability check vs your spell casting DC to free themselves from the crush of fused plasteel.
  • 32+ UNITY activates security protocol Omega. Any artificial lighting in the area immediately becomes red and begins to flash, while any audio equipment begins emitting the sounds of warning klaxons. In the following round, Bastion, a fully functional War-Bot that acts as UNITY’s proxy, is transmatted from its security station deep within Silver Mount and activates. It loudly orders foes targeting you and your allies to immediately surrender. If this order is not obeyed, Bastion will spend the next 1-minute proceeding to obliterate the foes of the cleric. You take automatic patron taint when this result is rolled, and a sacrifice of the clerics’ best magic item/artifact (in GP value) is required to trigger this result. The item is utterly destroyed.

Make Whole

2nd-level UNITY Domain feature

Your healing spells can also now repair items as the mending cantrip but with no limit to the size of the item being repaired within reason (as dictated by the amount of damaged healed and the level of the spell).

Embodiment of the Golden Age

6th-level UNITY Domain feature

UNITY grants you the ability to perceive small-scale shifts in the local morphic field of the planet, resulting in the cleric being able to anticipate and avoid attacks from enemies. You consume a spell slot of at least 1st level; for 1 round per spell slot burned, attackers must now roll with disadvantage against you. You may also spend a channel divinity action to create an aura affecting allies within 10 feet of you for the duration – UNITY taps directly into the minds of your (willing) allies as she provides tactical advice instantaneously.

Golden Goddess’ Strike

8th-level UNITY Domain feature

You gain the ability to infuse your weapon strikes with divine energy. Once on each of your turns, when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can cause the attack to deal an extra 1d8 radiant damage to the target – your weapons are sheathed in golden light. When you reach 14th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8. As part of the attack, you can spend a use of your channel divinity to reduce the target’s resistance to radiant damage by one step. For example, Immunity becomes resistant; resistance becomes normal and normal becomes vulnerable.

The Golden Age

17th-level UNITY Domain feature

UNITY allows you to call and direct an orbital strike (even indoors and underground). The strike does 6d6 + 1d6 CL radiant damage to anyone it strikes, with leftover damage arcing over to the next nearest available target within 10’ of the original target. The absolute range of this strike is line-of-sight. Any creature that survives the attack but takes damage from it, must make a CON save or be slowly turned to gold (as the flesh to stone spell, except the target is changed to gold).

UNITY Taint 

When patron taint is indicated for UNITY, roll 1d6 on the table below. When a cleric has acquired all six taints at all levels of effect (limited to four times each), there is no need to continue rolling on patron taint.

  1. Cleric’s hair turns golden and gains a wire-like texture. Each additional time this result is rolled, hair becomes more wire-like, resulting in a more artificial appearance. After four instances of this result, you find that they may only “speak” by transmitting their thoughts to a device with an audio output within 16’.
  2. Your pupils begin to change shape, gradually appearing like UNITY’s eyes – perfect, but not quite human, golden irises. Your CHA score drops by 1 with each additional result. However, your CHA increases by 1 when interacting with intelligent constructs.
  3. Your skin begins to gradually harden and take on a steel-like hue. Each time this result is rolled, your AC increases by one and your DEX score is reduced by 1. On the fourth increase your skin is golden.
  4. Each time you cast a spell, a thunderous boom accompanies the effect. All within 60’ (excepting you) must make a DC 10 CON save or be deafened for 1d3 rounds. With each subsequent roll of this patron taint, the deafening effect duration increases by one result on the dice chain (1d3 -> 1d4 -> 1d6 etc.)
  5. You must make a daily DC 5 WIS save to keep UNITY from using your brain as additional storage. Failure allows unrelated memories and experiences to be stored within your mind, causing a -3 penalty on all further WIS saves for that day. Each additional instance of this result being rolled increases the WIS save DC by 5.  However, this also temporarily increases your Intelligence based skills by 1 per taint level each time
  6. Each time you cast a spell, the surrounding area is cast into a 10’ globe of darkness while you become a source of dazzling light. While this effect blinds you for 1 round, any enemies attacking you during this time gain a +1 to their attack roll, and your allies gain +1 to attack the same enemies – as they are mesmerised by the Golden Age reflected in your radiance. With each reoccurrence of this patron taint, enemies and allies of the cleric gain a cumulative +1 to attacks during the 1 round of darkness.

UNITY Spells 

Antimagic Field (enhanced)

This spell acts like the antimagic spell with the additional benefit that any construct that enters the field’s range must make CON saving throw or be forced to shutdown while in the field.  Even on a success the construct is slowed. Constructs with legendary resistance can spend a use of this ability to nullify the fields effect on themselves entirely if they so choose.


  • Level 5
  • Casting Time 1 Action
  • Range/Area Touch
  • Components V, S
  • Duration Instantaneous
  • School Abjuration
  • Attack/Save – 
  • Damage/Effect
  • Class UNITY Domain spell

You touch a creature or object and trigger one or more, of the following effects:

  • Cleanse a creature of poison vulnerability due to radiation.
  • Cleanse a creature of 1 mutation.
  • Restore a creatures radiation die fully.
  • Remove the radiation entirely from a specific object or a 20-foot sphere around the area centred on you.
  • At the DM’s discretion, remove some other deleterious affect related to radiation. For example, ability score drain or levels of exhaustion.

This spell has no power to negate naturally radioactive materials, and as long as such materials remain in an area, the radiation that was removed may return.


  • Level 3
  • Casting Time 1 Action
  • Range/Area 120 ft
  • Components V, S
  • Duration Instantaneous
  • School Transmutation
  • Attack/Save Constitution 
  • Damage/Effect Radiant
  • Class UNITY Domain spell

You attempt to destroy any one construct in range. When you cast this spell, your hand crackles with white electricity. You must succeed at a ranged spell attack to affect the target. On a hit, the target takes 12d6 radiant damage. This only affects constructs generally, and robots specifically.  Robots take your WIS modifier as extra damage. A cyborg or android can be damaged by this spell but takes half damage.  This attack is also considered an EMP attack which brings down force screens permanently on a successful hit.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 3rd.


As the detect magic spell except you detect the presence and level of radiation in the area.


  • Level 2
  • Casting Time 1 Action
  • Range/Area 120 ft
  • Components V, S
  • Duration Instantaneous
  • School Transmutation
  • Attack/Save Constitution 
  • Damage/Effect
  • Class UNITY Domain spell

Discharge dissipates the charges from one technical object, temporarily depowers one electrically powered technological object that does not use charges, or severely hinders a creature with the robot subtype. If the spell targets an object with charges, the object loses all of its remaining charges. If the object is powered by electrical means other than charges, its functions are suppressed for 1d4 rounds. If the spell targets a creature not of the robot subtype, it affects a random charged or electrically powered item in that creature’s possession. If the target is a robot, the robot is slowed (as the spell) and cannot use any energy-based attacks for 1d4 rounds. A robot that’s affected by this spell receives a new saving throw at the end of each round to shrug off the effect.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you may select an additional target.


This acts as the polymorph spell except the target may also be changed into a Construct (Robot) of the appropriate CR gaining all the benefits and penalties of the new form.


  • Level 4
  • Casting Time 1 Action
  • Range/Area 120 ft
  • Components V, S
  • Duration 10 minutes/Level
  • School Transmutation
  • Attack/Save Wisdom 
  • Damage/Effect One robot
  • Class UNITY Domain spell

This spell has two potential effects depending on if the target is an ally or enemy:

Enemy robots.  If the targeted robot fails its WIS saving throw, it transforms into a magical construct made of wood, stone, flesh, or bone. The robot’s statistics and abilities do not change, although it is now a magical construct rather than a technological one. It loses the robot subtype, but does not lose its Intelligence score (if any). You can issue mental commands to the infused robot as long as it stays within range of the spell; issuing commands in this manner is a free action for you. When the spell’s duration runs out, the robot transforms back to normal but is slowed for 1d4 rounds.

Allied robots. The robot is overcharged until the spell ends and gains the following benefits:

  • The target’s speed is doubled,
  • it gains a +2 bonus to AC,
  • it has advantage on Dexterity saving throws,
  • and it gains an additional action on each of its turns. That action can be used only to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action.
  • The robot also gains 50 temporary hit points. If any of these remain when the spell ends, they are lost.
  • When you hit a target with a weapon attack, that target takes an extra 2d12 lightning damage.

When the spell ends, the target shutdown for until the end of its next turn as it recharges.


  • Level 2
  • Casting Time 1 Action
  • Range/Area 120 ft
  • Components V, S
  • Duration Instantaneous
  • School Conjuration
  • Attack/Save Constitution 
  • Damage/Effect Radiation AOE
  • Class UNITY Domain spell

The spell’s area of effect floods with dangerous radiation. The strength of the radiation you create depends on your caster level, as detailed below. The central irradiated area is always a 10-foot-radius spread. Creatures within the area are exposed to the radiation only once; the radiation does not linger in the area. The radiation severity will determine how many times the target needs to roll its radiation die

  • 3rd level – Low, 1/day,
  • 4th level – Moderate 1/hour,
  • 5th level – High 1/minute,
  • 6th level – Extreme 1/round.


This acts as a magic circle spell with the added benefit that the cleric may choose construct as one of the creature types.


This acts as a protection from good and evil spell with the added benefit that the cleric may choose construct as one of the creature types.



4 thoughts on “The Golden Goddess (Machine Spirit (5e Cleric Domain))

  1. Golden Age changed, original:

    The Golden Age

    17th-level UNITY Domain feature

    Enemies you designate for destruction wilt under the combined efforts of you and your allies. If you deal your Divine Strike damage to a creature on your turn, you can curse that creature until the start of your next turn. The next time one of your allies hits the cursed creature with an attack, the target also takes 2d8 radiant damage, as UNITY targets the creature with a low power orbital strike, and the curse ends. You can curse a creature in this way only once per turn.

  2. Still unhappy with this, updated. Original:

    17th-level UNITY Domain feature

    You direct UNITY’s wrath against a single target who is washed in a sea of nanites that begin reshaping the creature into something… else. The target that fails its CON saving throw is reconfigured by the nanites and turned into an electric sheep (or similar tiny or small beast but change the type to construct). While in this form, the target cannot use powers but still recognizes friend from foe. A CON saving throw at the end of targets turn ends this effect.

  3. Mark of UNITY added to this. I used the Mutant Crawl Classic AI taint list. I would roll 1d8 to determine which AI taint it is, then roll 1d6 on the associated table. I sometimes had to adjust them down to make them “minor” as some of the taints, especially when they stack, can be powerful in 5e terms.

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