An updated version of the original I made in 2015.  This is still a legacy item; however, it is improved through my games crafting system – the Autoforge.  MOSCHEN SPHERE Wondrous item, Legacy (requires attunement by arcane caster or psionic wielder only) GP: 25,000gp XP: 2,500xp When one truly understands fate as it is, myriad […]


The Golden Barge

My PCs, after much persistence and a combination of good luck and clever thinking master The Golden Barge from the Slumbering Ursine Dunes.  My PCs immediately absconded with the vehicle with the Eld in hot pursuit.  I ended up making some statistics for it so I can do some battles with it down the track. […]

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ARMOURY: Scorpions Claw

Gave this to Nalakai.  He promptly shot two shurikens which missed and embedded themselves into the skymetal wall.  The monk in the party, Sylvannus, gasp and immodestly said “mine!”.  I had made a point earlier in Fires of Creation that skymetal was impervious to even magic let alone normal weapon attacks.  So it was nice to […]

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