Message Board for your D&D Game

I am running my PCs through Hommlet and ToEE using the Castle & Crusades rules and running the adventures as (mostly) originally written.  One thing that became a hit with my PCs was a message board I setup in the tavern of the Welcome Wench and updated week to week.  Many of these items were […]

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AD&D Greyhawk Campaign

Somethin terrible stirs in them thar woods.   CAMPAIGN INFO Rating: PG-13 Politics: Low-Medium (option for castles and dominions) Roleplaying: Low-Medium Combat: Deadly (Combat as War, unbalanced encounters) Challenge: AD&D “3e” (Castle & Crusades) Weirdness: High (science fantasy, somewhat gonzo) Magic: AD&D standard Level: 1 to ?, starting at level 0 via a Character Funnel […]

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