Farghen’s Heroes

Back in the day my wife and I (two dark elves in the front – Solomani and Maline) played EQ religiously.  Had this commissioned as a commemoration of those long gone halcyon days.  

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XENOBLADE: Battle Angel Combo

I am a fan of the Xenoblade series though the latest version left me a bit cold – great combat but its very much a “press X to go to next cutscene” game and the cutscenes are very very long.  I still think XCX is the best of the lot.  My 14 year old daughter […]

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The Paladin Skell Build

Departing from D&D momentarily over to Xenoblade Chronicles X a WIIU game that has consumed hundreds of hours of my free time since the it was released.  Xenoblades reminds me so much of a D&D hex crawl it isn’t funny.  This game has elegant design in spades.  I can’t recommend it enough. But the reason for […]

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