My PCs have conquered the bad guys in “A Darkness Gathering” and now head off to the North in “Masters of Eternal Night“.  On the way, they meet some refugees who tell them that they were fleeing the neverending winter when they were attacked and robbed (and some killed) by elves.  If the PCs followup, […]


Eladrin Feydark Gladiator

 As Tomb of Annhiliation comes to end I am planning my next campaign which will be based around the 4th Edition Scales of War.  Some of the monsters caught my eye and decided to convert ahead of time.  Here is the Eladrin Faydark Gladiator which goes well with the recent Tome of Foes. ELADRIN FAYDARK […]

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Feat: Lords and Ladies

In my home setting elves are fey with a strong link to the historical view of what an elf was like.  My view is very similar to the one in Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett.  This feat allows elves to become more like their ancestors. TRUE ELF Prerequisite Elf Your link to the original […]

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