Zipper Demon (Cerniera Daemonium)

Working my way through Vornheim.  Some clever ideas here for running a city campaign.  But what spiked my curiosity were the unique takes on some monsters and some of the unique monsters.  Can definitely imagine using these in my 5e OSR game.   This would probably work well as a template as well. Based on […]

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Nuclear Dragon (Gloomium)

Living in the varying depths of Middergloom, these rare dragons occasionally rise to the surface world for reasons known only to them. The younger the dragon, the higher up they are usually found, favouring large chambers in which to spread their large translucent, gloomium-hued wings and fly; using the space to soar through the rifts […]

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the vivamancer (the undying king)

The vivmancer is a bad guy the PCs have to deal with to find the way into the Undercity as part of “Dawn of the Overmind” adventure.  The vivmancer has kidnapped the local gith’s shaman and is brainwashing him using vivamancy.  The shaman knows how to get to the Undercity – queue the PCs. This […]

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The template is part of my conversion of “Dawn of the Overmind“.  Its a result of the successful casting of the vivamancy spell. WASTELING TEMPLATE A humanoid can become a wasteling. When a creature becomes a wasteling, it retains all its statistics except as noted below. Abilities. The creatures Wisdom and Charisma scores are reduced […]

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