Inspired by both Japanese mythology and the Nioh version.  Though in nioh its more of an ooze I went with an incorporeal undead type. “A Yokai which emerged from thrown away needles“ The Harinobo is a Yokai formed by worn-out needles and broken blades. People in Japan believed that objects used for long periods of […]

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After finishing Nioh recently I was surprised that the Japanese essentially have a Tiamat of their own.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to convert my Tiamat into Yamata-no-Orochi. Yamata-No-Orochi is the legendary japanese mystical creature, it’s said to have eight heads and eight tails, the name Orochi is a reference to the ancient reading in Kanji which […]

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The Paladin Skell Build

Departing from D&D momentarily over to Xenoblade Chronicles X a WIIU game that has consumed hundreds of hours of my free time since the it was released.  Xenoblades reminds me so much of a D&D hex crawl it isn’t funny.  This game has elegant design in spades.  I can’t recommend it enough. But the reason for […]

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