Anumaramon (Boss Fight)

We finished the Oriental Campaign today with a final battle with Anumaramon.  My PCs were level 20 and they just full on frontal assaulted the palace while their armies were engaging the Typhoon Guard.  I made it clear, the Typhoon Guard, which is mostly oni, would win if the PCs didn’t deal with Anumaramon and […]

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void elementals

A few more monster conversion from the 3rd edition Creatures of Rokugan Oriental Adventures supplement. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Elementals can have any alignment not just neutral in the land of Kara-Tur.  Apart from this they are statistically identical though each elemental will have a subtype based on its alignment – oni for evil, kami for good and yokai for […]

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Huyanwo, Ancient Void Dragon

I based the Huyanwo off Kalameet from Dark Souls.  In fact I was planning on using the Dark Souls Boardgames to run this as void dragons in my campaign setting actually warp reality and I represent that by changing the rules of the game when my PCs fight.  But since we were forced to go online […]

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