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From the diary of Rikku Yufina Kyius: Iron Gods Session 6

Seven players today as Ianthien joins us again.

Our Brave Band of Adventurers:

  • Charisma, a “human” -mutant- sorceress whose power source is Gamma Radiation which she was exposed to as a child.  As a child of the Atom her hair goes green in the presence of radiation and she progressively gets greener the more powerful spells she casts (and as she gets angry).  She has no love for the Technic League.
  • Heidt, a ranger who has traded an affinity for nature for an affinity for machines.  This android has mastered cybertheurgy as well as the lasgun.  Has chosen the mechromancer archetype (blog post at some later point!).  Seeking to learn more about his history he has become an archaeological expert on all things related to the Rain of Stars.
  • Rikku, an elven rogue who was adopted by Khonnir Baine when he found her wandering the wasteland near Torch more than a decade ago.  She claims to be a blood elf from a far-away land.  Her history is tied up with a nearby ruin.
  • Sylvanus, a dark elf monk who escaped the clutches of mind flayer slavemasters in the area of the Scar of the Spider after a daring raid by surface dwelling heroes freed her.
  • Brokthor, a human fighter who was raised by dwarfs and thinks he IS a dwarf.
  • Tufast, a human cleric who serves the unpredictable goddess of thunder and lightning Dorana.  Much like his barbarian family he hates technology and has a particular spite for robots.  He sees the cleansing power of Dorana as the perfect antidote to the curse of the robot infestation of Nimmeria.
  • Ianthien, wandering druid!

Fires of Creation

Session 6

By Rikku Yuffina Kyrus

Brocktha is attacked by the skellies; when they are dead he buries them. He makes his way to us in the caves.

Just after we group 4 ratmen (unarmed), 1 ogre ratman, and 2 orcs on patrol attack. During the fight a ratman tries to run through the brown door ahead of us. But Charisma shoots him down. On all of them are Hellion unholy symbols or other tokens of the Iron Claw as well as brown access cards. We go through the brown door straight ahead. A table with several cushions and chairs are in the center. Brocken glass is under the table. It looks like it came from the smashed lights.   Cards and dice are on the table. Four doors sit to the north. One is east and another to the south. All are brown access doors. We go south. This room has machines and panels. A small balcony sits to the north of this room. On the balcony is an altar with an offering. Two double white access doors are east and west. A gargoyle shaped-thing coated with metal is to the left of this room. When we enter it silently attacks. When it dies Tufast finds buttons and presses one. One of the panels turns on. A map with a “you are here” dot flickers. After a few minutes it dies. We search the room and I find goggles that let me zoom in and out. Brocktha puts on a see-through helmet and a map appears. After a few seconds it turns off. Brocktha fiddles with it and finally breaks it. He just wears it because it looks cool.

We search the 5 other doors in the gambling room. Four of them are bunks; the last one is a privy. We find nothing. We search the room south of the place we fought the ratmen. It appears to be a storeroom and I find 32 meal pills. We go to the entrance. We search the 2 corridors. One is a dead end and the other leads back to the gremlin caves. We go back and go through one of the 2 brown doors. We go through a corridor that leads back to the gambling room. We go through the last brown door. The wall of this room are smashed and dented. Two repair drones fly around repairing things. A conveyer belt with orc blood lies to one corner. An open brown access door is straight ahead. The room beyond is dark. I use the goggles and see 2 more conveyer belts. A robot man stands with no lights to one corner. Two dead orcs look beaten and are near the robot. Hiedt talks to the drones. They say, “Repair in action. Please do not interrupt.” They ignore us until Sylvanus steps in and start searching. Then they say, “Repair procedure interrupted” and attack. When they die a button in the room flashes. It says, “Warning. Reboot required.” Tufast presses it. A clank comes from the other room. We look and see that the robot has fallen. We search the room and find a white access card. Then we take a rest.

We wake up from the sound of the door opening. An android with purple hair steps in. She says, “So it was you.” And shoots us with a magma gun. When she is hurt she runs out and through the white doors. We follow her to the room with the dead gargoyle. She runs through the other white doors. We follow. This room has lots of panels and blinking lights. Several tubes going into the celling glow with a bright light. When we enter the lady says, “Embrace the eminence of Hellion.” And attacks. When she is badly hurt she says, “I will not mess up Hellions plan.” And punches the biggest tube which starts giving off plasma. When she dies we notice one of the panels read, “Reactor approaching meltdown.” And gives us instructions on how to fix it. With Hiedt’s Gothic and my fiddling we fix it. We loot the android and find a powerful healing device and a Hololithic player. We turn it on and a woman appears. She says;

“Adeptus Ministronium Tech Priest Zara log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.6.16. Finally we have discovered a cure for the xeno plague. Unfortunately it is too late for the Lord-Captain and remaining crew. It seems once the virus has entered its final stage there is no reversing the psychosis…”

We go to town collect our reward, heal Dad, and have a feast. In the middle of the celebration 6 gears men and a man named Theriss on a cyborg horse come to collect the taxes. When they leave we tell Dolga everything. She thinks we should go to the next town. But she heard of a small “city” that worships Hellion and maybe that will give us clues. After a few days of party, we go into the caves to search when we find a dead ratman blocking the door to Jacksam. But we don’t find Jacksam.

We return to Torch.

DM’s Flavour Encounter

Technic League Delegation.  I wanted the Technic League to be more obvious and menacing earlier in the adventure so threw in this side “flavour encounter” for the party:

The celebrations are interrupted by a heavily armed group.

The four horses canter down the street accompanied by a section of gearsman marching behind them.  You can see few details in the darkness, but the black armour of the riders gleams with an indigo sheen in the starlight. At the head rides a Kellid man, helmet resting on the pommel of his saddle, dark hair hanging in single loose braid. He wears less armour than his men, but his greaves and gauntlets shine with a pale green light, like the luminescent moss you had seen in the Black Caves beneath Torch. 

People whispered the newcomers name – Therace Holiyard – a lieutenant of the Technic League.  

It is his steed that draw’s your attention. The beast seems but half flesh. For a right foreleg it has steel rods that hissed and wheezed as it trotted.  The one topaz like eye you can see glows bright yellow in the night as if lit from inside. 

Therese wears the helmet of a calvary soldier that is proudly marked with the icon of the Technic League.  

Therace announces “It seems you do not need the aide of the League you have restarted the torch yourself.  Well done”.  His tone is clearly sarcastic and he is not here to help but here for the monthly tax collection.

The town elders take him aside and the celebrations resume and after a few hours the Therace and company leave town heading northwest on some other other errand.  Only then is the dark pall over the celebrations lifted.

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