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Amazon (Race/Class)

A simple character class/race combo for my daughter who gets easily overwhelmed so went old school.  Part of my current campaign – Clash of the TitansCLASH OF THE TITANS. Inspired by the Diablo Amazon.


The Amazon is a powerful woman warrior of the Askari, who belongs to nomadic bands who roam the plains near the South Sea. The wandering of these groups often brings them into conflict with other peoples, so the Amazon is accustomed to fighting to defend her own. This lifestyle has made her fiercely independent and able to weather severe hardship and travel. While her skill with the Bow rivals that of the Rogues, the Amazon is also adept in the use of Spears and Javelins, as well as in hand to hand combat. Amazon Weapons are items which only Amazons can equip. These are special Bows, Javelins and Spears. The Amazon is much sought after as a mercenary, in which type of service she will be loyal as long as her own ends are also served.

Amazon’s are only ever female.



1st +2 Bow, Javelin, Spear and Shield, Hardy
2nd +2 Deed of Legend (+1d3)
3rd +2 Deed of Legend (+1d4)
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 Deed of Legend (+1d6)
6th +3 Ability Score Improvement
7th +3 Deed of Legend (+1d8)
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 Deed of Legend (+1d10)
10th +4 Indomitable

Bow, Javelin, Spear and Sword. You are a specialist with these weapons. You gain +1 bonus while wielding a shield and +2 to attack rolls with bows, javelins and spears.

Hardy. You are a daughter of Ares the god of war, when rolling for hit points if you roll below 6 you gain 6 hit points. You also gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls against titan’s and their servants.

Deeds of Legend. Prior to any attack roll, you can declare a Deed of Legend, or for short, a Deed. This Deed is a dramatic combat maneuver within the scope of the current combat. For example, a warrior may try to disarm an enemy with his next attack, or trip the op- ponent, or smash him backward to open access to a nearby corridor. The Deed does not increase damage but could have some other combat effect: pushing back an enemy, tripping or entangling him, temporarily blinding him, and so on. The amazon’s deed die determines the Deed’s success. This is the same die used for the warrior’s attack and damage modifier each round. If the deed die is a 3 or higher, and the attack lands (e.g., the total attack roll exceeds the target’s AC), the Deed succeeds. If the deed die is a 2 or less, or the overall attack fails, the Deed fails as well.

Example #1: A 1st-level amazon with a Strength of 14 (+2 bonus) has a d3 deed die. She is fighting a goat-headed demon that emerged from an extraplanar portal. The amazon declares her Deed will be to shove the demon back through the portal. She attacks, rolling 1d20 + 1d3 +2 (due to her Str). The result is a 16 on the d20, and a 3 on the 1d3, plus her +2 Str modifier, for a total attack roll of 21 (16+3+2). The demon’s AC is 17, so the attack lands. Because the deed die came up a 3, the Deed also succeeds. The amazon does 1d8 +3 +2 damage with her javelin and shoves the demon back through the portal! (Note, depending on the size and strength of the opponent, the DM may still require an opposed Strength check for such a maneuver. In this case the demon is man-sized, and the DM rules that the pushback succeeds).

Here are amazon specific deeds:

Deed Roll Name Description
3 Jab You attack multiple times in succession, releasing a flurry of jabs. You may apply an additional 1d6 damage to a foe within reach (can be the same target). For each multiple of 3 you score an additional hit.
4 Pierce Your missile attack pierces the target and strikes another target behind it. You may strike a number of targets equal to multiples of 4 you rolled on your deed die.
6 Critical Strike You score a critical hit and do an additional d12 damage.
8 Valkyrie You summon a valkyrie to aide you in battle for 1 encounter.
10 Fury Your attack is charged with electricity. Your weapon attack does lightning damage and chains from the target as the chain lightning spell.

Ability Score Improvement. When you reach 4th level, and again at 6th and  8th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using this feature. Using the optional feats rule, you can forgo taking this feature to take a feat of your choice instead.

Indomitable. At 9th level, you can reroll a saving throw that you fail. If you do so, you must use the new roll, and you can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.


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