typhon (sydon)

I am running a modified Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign called Clash of the Titans.  My players finally faced off against Sydon (who I renamed Typhon to make it more in line with Greek mythology).  A fun time was had by all.  I eliminated the Kentamane battle entirely. The original Sydon was pretty boring, looked […]

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juno, harpy noble

I am running a modified Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign called Clash of the Titans.  My players are at the end of the campaign as written investigating the tower of the big-bad.  I wanted to have a beholder at some point in the game, but beholders dont really fit a Greco-Roman campaign.  So I created […]

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hexia, mercury dragon

In my current campaign called the Clash of the Titans  – a modified Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign – the players fought a “green” dragon called Hexia.  The original was just an adult green dragon which my party of 6 to 7 level 12 PCs would eat up.  So I created a modified version.  The entire […]

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golden axe skeleton

In the game The Golden Axe there are skeletons who are tougher than the mini-bosses.  This spawned a joke about “beware the skeletons with the golden axe”.  Here is the skeleton.  He is on a random encounter for my Clash of the Titans game.  A rebuild of my Gasha-Dokuro skeleton from Japan. In my game, […]

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Bonfire for D&D

My 5e games are fairly lethal – no resurrection magic of any kind, hit points capped at level 10 but monsters not modified and only 1 action a turn.  My son calls them “the Dark Souls of D&D campaigns”. The only way my PCs get a rez is if they escape (or are saved) from […]

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My players keep traveling back to Ynn to use the Vats (they summoned a modern to help them figure out how to use it).  Each time they visit I add unique encounters drawn from Alice.  Decided to add the Red Queen and make her a sidhe taking liberal inspiration from a Red and Pleasant land […]

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Shamelessly stealing this idea from Anomalous Subsurface Environment for my Clash of the Titan campaign.  This creature was created by Henchmen Abuse so all credit to him.  I’ve always liked the idea of treasure golems – or something similar – that protects treasure hoards or steals treasure from PCs.  Terrifying for heavily loaded PCs. The […]

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