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Clash of the Titans – APOKALYPSIS

After 63 sessions over 17 months, the Clash of the Titans campaign finished up yesterday.  I am running the Odyssey of the Dragonlords as the basic campaign ticking in the background so my PCs confronted Lutheria (renamed to Nyx) and the 8 Forgotten Gods (Sunken City Empyreans) in their palace.  PCs won but I am glad I checked this battle before running it.  I question whether this was playtested or not as 7 titans all with 2 to 3 legendary actions and a multitude of spells is unplayable from a DM’s perspective.  So I ended up modifying it to make it playable but still a worthwhile challenge, and this worked out well.

Forgotten Gods


  • The Sky Father (elder empyrean, centaur, war domain)
  • The Sun Goddess (elder empyrean, siren, sun domain)
  • The Lord of Ghosts (elder empyrean, gygan, death domain)
  • The Great Hunter (young empyrean, human, tempest domain)
  • The Moon Maiden (young empyrean, nymph, life domain)
  • The Fire King (young empyrean, cyclops, knowledge domain)
  • The Fish Queen (young empyrean, mermaid, nature domain)
  • The Vile Trickster (young empyrean, goatling, trickery domain)

Forgotten Gods Common Traits

  • AC 20
  • HP 300
  • MV 50’ land, fly and swim
  • Immune to nonmagical attacks
  • Magic Weapons/Resistance
  • +17 to hit
  • +15 to saves
  • Legendary Resistance x3

Each empyrean takes one of the following actions after each turn of combat.  Combat always starts with the Sky Father and then proceeds clockwise around the table from the DM. If there are more PCs than empyreans, remaining empyreans take their turn together at the end of the round. If a PC drops to 0 hps during this battle their soul is sucked into the baby god of annihilation and irrevocably destroyed. Tell the PCs this after the first Empyrean is annihilated.


Roll 1d4. When the timer hits 1 on the DM’s turn the Kraken will reach into the throne room and smash the PCs with its tentacles.  Each PC must make a DC 23 DEX saving throw or take 25 bludgeoning damage.

The Sky Father

Elder empyrean, centaur, war domain

  • Aura: Jagged Earth. Creatures starting next to the sky father take 20 piercing damage on a failed Athletics or Acrobatics skill check (bane).
  • Blades of Chaos. Melee or ranged. 42 (4d8+24) slashing damage and the target must make a CON save or become immobilised, Save 2 or become stunned, Save 3 or become petrified.

The Sun Goddess

Elder empyrean, siren, sun domain

  • Sun Lash. 4d8+9 radiant. Target takes -1d4 on AC and saving throws (WIS save ends).

The Lord of Ghosts

Elder empyrean, gygan, death domain

  • Life Stealing Greataxe. 19 (2d8+10) necrotic (crit 53). Necrotic damage heals the Lord of Ghosts.
  • Soul Devourer. CON save or lose 1d10 HD of healing. If all HD are lost target losses half its total hp.

The Great Hunter

Young empyrean, human, tempest domain

  • Cracking Greatsword/Arcing Arrow. 16 (3d6+6) lighting damage and chains to one other target he then becomes invisible.

The Moon Maiden

Young empyrean, nymph, life domain

  • Eldritch Hammer/Force Ram. 21 (3d8+8) force damage and target pushed back 50 feet.
  • Eldritch Aura. All spellcasters must make a Casting ability save, on success they take 3d8 force damage every time they cast a spell, on a fail they lose 3d8 spells.
  • Heal (1/day). Heal allies up to 700 hp total.

The Fire King

Young empyrean, cyclops, knowledge domain

  • Fireraging Greatsword. 19 (2d6+12) slashing and 14 (4d6) fire damage and the target is marked (disadvantage on attacks against everyone except the Fire King, all movement beyond 5’ provokes).
  • Hurl Lava. 23 (4d6+9) fire damage, DEX or target is immobilised.

The Fish Queen

Young empyrean, mermaid, nature domain

  • Anyone attacking the fish queen takes 5 cold damage per strike.
  • Ice-rimed Trident. 25 (4d8+7) cold damage, 10 ongoing cold damage.
  • Blast of the Deep. 31 (3d12+12) cold damage (2 targets). CON or immobilised until end of next turn.

The Vile Trickster

Young empyrean, goatling, trickery domain

  • Dread Blade/Shuriken. 21 (2d10+10) psychic damage, and the target is weakened (1/2 dmg on all physical attacks). INT save ends.

How did the battle play out?

They focused fired the Moon Maiden as she affected their spellcasting ability, then the Sky Father.  After that the empyreans started dropping like flies before turning on Lutheria and allying with the PCs to do so.  Final survivors who then swore oaths of eternal servitude to the three immortals/demigods were the Sun Goddess, The Great Hunter and The VIle Trickster.


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