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ACCESS CARD: Hadrak Alquesta (Gray)

Inspired by the great work done by Karui Kage and using his template here is a green access card.  Beware this is specific to  my Rogue Trader re-themed Divinity for my personal campaign world.  I have been laminating these and handing them out as they are found.  They compliment the hololithic messages (audio/video logs) left throughout the ship.  Looted from Helskaag.

Hadrak Alquesta (Gray)

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    • solomani

      Thanks Jack. These are cards that characters use to access different areas of a crashed spaceship in my homebrew D&D campaign. This particular card is gray coloured so can open gray security coded doors (or lower). Just more fun to hand players a physical card as opposed to just saying “you found a gray access card”.

      • Jack

        That makes sense and it’s very nice work.

        If I’m reading you correctly that means the characters are from the spaceship and the world is a D&D/fantasy world?

        Meaning they would be outsiders to the world and yet still having to deal with the crashed ship? If so then that’s a nice playing perspective.

        I don’t know how old you are but you might also like the early parts of the world of Tekumel. To give you ideas. Again, if I’m reading you right. I posted something yesterday on it.

  1. solomani

    Hi Jack, I haven’t said much about my hombrew campaign but basically its a mythic earth type setting.

    I set it before the Noahic Flood with the idea being that there is a world destroying disaster coming and it was at the time leading up to this disaster you had all the mythic heroes (and monsters) actually existing. So humans are very long lived, monsters like the minotaur, sphinx and so on are one of a kind monsters and not races as traditional D&D would have it, the powers/gods actually live physically on the world not in the planes and their is a myriad of these powers, its one huge pangaean continent surrounded by a vast sea so you could theoretically walk anywhere etc.

    One of the kingdoms in that world is Nimmeria. If you are familiar with the old 80s cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian its basically exactly like that – its a Conan/Cimmerian style kingdom but an alien spaceship has crashed into the middle of it some 1,000 year before. So the kingdom has a mix of science and fantasy – laser guns and fireballs.

    Historically I have used the ship from module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks as the central mega-dungeon of that kingdom (and of my entire campaign setting – equivalent to Castle Greyhawk and Undermountain). That module used coloured access cards for the ship. So thats where the idea is taken from directly. Just modified to integrate them more into the story.

    But in this particular case I have actually turned the entire thing into a campaign as opposed to the odd dungeon delve using Paizo’s Iron Gods Adventure Path as my skeleton to build a science-fantasy campaign around. We are 12 sessions in and nearly finished the second (of 6) adventures. So far having a lot of fun.

    I am 42 and been (mostly) DM’ing and playing D&D since I was 8 or 9. So I am familiar with Tekumel but not a fan. My idea is a bit of a reverse setting to Tekumel and maybe more like Blackmoore. Its a fantasy setting but their are technological artefacts and such floating around mostly concentrated in Nimmeria. And many of the races/monster that populate my world have alien rather than terrestrial origin.

    Hope that makes sense! Will post more about my campaign world at some point.

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