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ACCESS CARD: Malika Bradicich (Gray)

Inspired by the great work done by Karui Kage and using his template here is a green access card.  Beware this is specific to  my Rogue Trader re-themed Divinity for my personal campaign world.  I have been laminating these and handing them out as they are found.  They compliment the hololithic messages (audio/video logs) left throughout the ship.  This was one of the four skeletal technicians (and relarted access card) on the Chrysalis, though two failed to animate and were looted from that particular encounter.

  • Name: Malika Bradicich
  • Department: Salvage Crew – Chrysalis
  • Role: Technician
  • QR: Links back to Iron Gods Adventure Path
  • ArtPirate by PapaNinja

Malika Bradicich (Gray)

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