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Bozdil of the Illustrious Space Hamster Guild

As a random bit of table conversation at our last session I explained what a Giant Space Hamster was (and of course Minsc!).  My daughter asked if she could find or buy a miniature giant space hamster… and Bozdil the traveling gnomish salesman was born.

Bozdil sometimes makes visits to various spheres to sell some of his people’s space hamsters.   He doesn’t haveBoo much success selling his bear sized hamsters nor the sabre-toothed hamster.  Though he has found the miniature space hamster – with its black fur and what looks like stary lights of white spots – quite popular.

A Giant Space Hamster can be bought for 5,000 gp and can be used as a mount.  It otherwise has the statistics of a brown bear without the bite attack.  A miniature giant space hamster is worth 100 gp and are as cute as a button.

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