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I went a little mad and decided to stat out all the Technic League Captains.  Of course, apart from the core Captains – Ozmyn, Gryne, Ghartone, Zernebeth – my party never saw these guys.  Akradenn I also didn’t re-make as I had created him previously for The Archeological Team in the Choking Tower adventure.  I tried to build something around the Captains description in the adventure and kept them to CR 9 in terms of “power level”.

Medium humanoid (human), chaotic evil

Armour Class 15 (mage armour)
Hit Points 191 (10d6+30, +36 temporary hit points)
Speed 40 ft., fly 40 ft. (fly spell)

STR 12 (+1)        DEX 14 (+2)       CON 16 (+3)
INT 20 (+5)        WIS 10 (+0)        CHA 14 (+2)

Saving Throws Int +10, Con +7
Skills Cybertheurgy +10, Arcana +10, History +10
Damage Resistances psychic; bludgeoning, piercing and slashing
Condition Immunities frightened, charm, fear
Senses passive Perception 15
Languages Gothic, Aklo, Common, Draconic, Hallit, Infernal, Orc
Challenge 9 (5,000 XP)

Chemist. The duration of all pharmaceutical affects are doubled for Naki.

Chem Reliant. Naki gains double the benefit from pharmaceuticals (including Numerian Fluids) and halves the chance of being addicted.

Pill Popper. Naki has the following affects active for the first minute of combat Jet (an extra attack), hemochem III (Regeneration 3), Buffout (+36 hit points, +2 Strength, +2 Constitution), Baseline (resist all mind-affects), Med-X (resist all damage), Hype (+10’ speed, +5 perception, advantage on attack rolls), Berry Mentat (+2 INT), Orange Mentat (+2 WIS) and Grape Mentat (+2 CHA). All these affects are included.

Multiattack. Naki makes three attacks with her stun gun or dagger with advantage.   In addition she may use one of the items listed under “Gear” and use a spell when available.

 Dagger. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 6 (1d4 + 2) piercing damage.

+1 Stun Gun. Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 20 ft., one target.
Hit: 9 (1d8 +1) sonic damage plus the target is knocked prone if they fail a DC 15 Strength check.

Magic Missile (Natural even roll). Three bolts strike a target within 100 ft. of the Naki doing 6 (1d4 + 4) force damage each.

Dancing Lightning (Natural 15+). Naki makes a separate attack against 3 different targets within 100 feet who each must make a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or take 10 (2d6 + 4) lightning damage or half as much on a successful save.

Shield (1/day). Naki adds 4 to his AC against one attack that would hit him or cancels a magic missile barrage.

Thunder Burst. When struck by a melee attack Naki unleashes a thunderous boom in a 10 ft. radius sphere centered on itself doing 12 (2d8 + 4) thunder damage, and the target is stunned for 1 minute on a failed DC 16 Constitution saving throw (save ends, half damage and no stun on success).

Before Combat Naki casts mage armor, shield, and overland flight before entering combat.

During Combat Naki prefers to use a stun gun or ranged spells in combat, allowing any minions at hand to keep foes engaged in melee.

Morale Naki flees if reduced to 20 hit points or fewer—whether or not the captain resurfaces later is up to you, but this adventure assumes that captains who escape don’t return to further vex the PCs.

Combat Gear scroll of discharge, scroll of lightning bolt (100 ft., 5 ft. wide cone, 24 (8d6)), scrolls of technomancy (4), hemochem (grade III (Regen 3), 2 doses), soft grenades (15 (5d6) sonic, if a creature is killed by the soft grenade it is instead reduced to 0 hit points. x2), torpinal (3 doses, as suggestion spell);

Other Gear +1 stun gun, mwk dagger, ring of protection +1, batteries (4), green access card, timeworn brown nanite hypogun (5 (1d8+1) healing or cure 1 disease), timeworn commset, Technic League badge worth 50 gp

Female Kellid wizard; has a cruel sense of humor; focuses on security and medical technological gear

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