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I am prepping for my next campaign – Out of the Abyss – and the adventure path clearly has a touch of whimsy with more than a passing resemblance to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.  They even say as much in the preface.  So I went back and read the two 1e adventures that are much more directly inspired (actually set in) wonderland – Dungeonland and The Land Behind the Magic Mirror.  I picked up some of the encounters in those adventures and decided to convert them for Out of the Abyss.  Since Out of the Abyss uses a lot of random tables these should be easy to insert.  



Tail hedge plants and ranks of flowering growths seclude this place from the surrounding caves. Rocks jut from the ground and form a backdrop for a tiny waterfall that fills a shallow basin in which lotus grow. Around the basin edge are pretty stone formations and soft, low flowering plants. Comfortable benches of stone are placed to permit full view of this beautiful spot.

As the water falls down the surface of the rocks, it undergoes a brief magical change. At its beginning it is merely water, and when it falls into the pool, it becomes normal once more. If taken during the course of its fall, however, the liquid is magical. A draught of one pint volume will have some potion like effect.  To determine the results, use the table below.

Note that the Potion Miscibility Table (Dungeon Masters Guide, page 140) must be used if more than one such drink is taken.

Storage of the liquid in any sort of container will cause it to lose all of its magical properties instantly.


  1. Baldness: hair will regrow naturally in time.
  2. Colour Change: any bright color covers skin for 2d6+1 minutes.
  3. Diminution: as the reduce spell.
  4. Divisibility: can become 2 exact duplicates for 1 minute.
  5. Dragonfly Control: ability to control normal insects of this sort for 2d6+1 minutes.
  6. Gaseous Form: as the spell of the same name.
  7. Gaseousness: belching for 2d6+1 hours.
  8. Giant Feet: feet grow 1’ or more in length for 2d6+1 minutes.
  9. Growth: as the enlarge spell.
  10. Hairiness: all hair grows longer, thicker, and quite bristly, remaining until trimmed or shaved.
  11. Human Controlled: the speech of any human will act as suggestion spell for 2d6+1 minutes.
  12. Invisibility to Self: unable to see any part of self or possessions for 1 minute.
  13. Levity: overcome by urge to be witty, tell jokes and puns, and laugh at others for 7-12 rounds.
  14. Philtre of Loaf: sit with feet up or lie around 2d6+1 minutes.
  15. Plumpness: immediate weight gain of 21-30% for 2d6+1 hours.
  16. Spud: tuberous growth pops out of ear every round for 2d6+1 minutes.
  17. Super Hedonism: relax, smell flowers, enjoy scene, and seek pleasure for 30 minutes.
  18. Sweat Water: perspire very freely for 1 minute, and must drink 1d4 quarts liquid thereafter.
  19. Water Breath: must inhale water for 2d6+1 minutes.
  20. Yodelling: overcome with desire to climb atop anything and yodel as loudly as possible for 2d6+1 minutes.

The area is magical – a leftover from a bygone elven kingdom preserved via magic.  Evil creatures avoid the area.

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