Hengeyokai have access to an exclusive feat.  With this ability they may improve their animal form to make it more combat capable.


You have become a paragon for your people.  You gain the following benefits when you take this feat in animal form:

  • Your base animal is now the dire version for your kind.
  • When you take the attack action you may attack twice.
  • Your hit-point total is your original total or five times your level, whichever is higher.
  • You gain damage resistance against bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks.
  • Your magic-items function normally in Nine-Tails form so long as they do not require activation and provide passive abilities (for example, like a ring of protection).
  • Your Darkvision now functions in all your forms.
  • You may retain your original AC and to-hit bonus or add your proficiency bonus to the base dire animals AC, to-hit and damage – whichever is higher.



Dire creatures are large, feral-looking animals. They are not just bigger versions of normal animals, however. On the whole, dire creatures are bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than their normal counterparts.  Only a beast that is already not dire can become a dire beast.

CR: Same as the base creature +2.
Size and Type: If the base creature is Tiny or smaller, increase its size to Small. Otherwise, increase its size by one size category. This will affect the die used for hit points.
AC: The creature gains a natural armour bonus of +2.
Hit Dice: The dire creature has double the number of hit-dice of the base creature.
Speed: Same as the base creature +10 ft.
Attacks: Adjust damage dice of all natural and special attacks by one die. So a d6 becomes a d8.
Abilities: STR +4, DEX +2, CON +4, WIS +2 and CHA +2.
Skills: A dire creature gains double proficiency bonus of any skills listed for the base creature.

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