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In this set of blog entries I aim to convert the original 1e Oriental Adventure monsters to 5e to provide some extra fodder for an OA campaign. I am using both the original 1e source and the updated 3e source as reference for the build. 

The bakemonos are cousins to the western goblin and in characteristics and habits are quite similar to these creatures.  However, unlike the goblin, the bakemonos come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  No two creatures are alike.  Skin color varies from brilliant orange and red to deep blue.  Physical features range from small stunted wings, hooves, fur, scales, huge noses, feathers, oversized ears, and hunched bodies.

Socially, bakemono organize themselves in bands, usually for the purposes of raiding and banditry. These bands are ruled by an oni, ogre or hobgoblin.  For every 20 members in the band, there is a lieutenant of greater size (Goblin Boss or similar).  This lieutenant receives his orders from the oni (or ogre mage) and commands absolutely the 20 bakemono under him.

Bakemono typically lair in abandoned temples or villages, preferring to drive the rightful inhabitants out instead of building their own homes. The lairs are always in bad repair, having the appearance of being long deserted.  On occasion (40%), the bakemono build and man a wooden stockade around the lair.  They seldom make their own weapons or armor, preferring to use items they have scavenged and looted on their raids.  A force is typically equipped as follows:

  • Katana 5%bakemono
  • Naginata and short sword 20%
  • Spear 40%
  • Tetsubo and short sword 10%
  • Short sword and shortbow 10%
  • Chain and shuriken 5%
  • Kusari-gama and trident 10%

When a large force is encountered, 20% of the bakemono have an Armor Class of 16, gained from some piece of armor worn.  These pieces are in poor repair and have often been drastically altered to fit the particular bakemono.  As such, they cannot be worn by player characters.

Bakemono speak the language of humans in the area, the language of oni, and their own language (which is similar to that of oni). They are not particularly bright and are easily tricked or outwitted. They have a great weakness for sake and strong drink.

The following MM creatures can be used as examples of the myriad variations of bakemono:

Known Goblin Cities 

Known Goblin Clans 

Banner art Samurai Goblinby NiloFV

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