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A new monastic tradition for the monk class for my upcoming 5e Oriental Adventures campaign set in Rokugan / Kara-Tur.  


Henshin mystics are members of a monastic order that teaches what they consider a great mystery of the universe: that humanity is capable of a transformation (henshin) into divinity toward the ultimate perfection not only of themselves but of all humanity. They believe this perfection is the future of the world and of humanity, and this belief fills them with a hopeful peace.  In Rokugan, they are drawn exclusively from the Phoenix clan, where they are trained in the Asako school.  Many NPC henshin mystics wander the Empire, serving as guides and helpers along humanity’s path. They are expected to show people how to act, how to treat each other, and how to believe, in hope that they may achieve reincarnation in a more enlightened form that will allow them to attain divinity. They never reveal their true intentions to the world, however, instead moving among the masses of humanity, offering what help and advice they can. These wandering henshin mystics are called michizure (“travelling companions”).

At 3rd level, you can enter a meditative state that allows you to scry as the spell. In addition, you gain proficiency in Insight and Perception.  If you already have proficiency you can double your bonus.

At 3rd level, you become skilled at attacking opponents that you cannot clearly perceive. In melee, every time you miss because of concealment (that is, any effect that prevents you from hitting the targets AC except a failed to-hit roll), you can reroll your attack to see if you actually hit.  An invisible attacker gets no advantages related to hitting you in melee.

At 6th level you have a preternatural awareness of danger and can no longer be surprised and never grant combat advantage; you can react to opponents on opposite sides of you as easily as you can react to a single attacker.  This defence denies a rogue the ability to use a sneak attack against you.

From 6th level, you have mastered the riddle of flame.  You gain the following abilities once per day:

  • Touch of Fire.  Your touch can melt metal as the heat metal spell.
  • Riddle of Flame. You can wreathe yourself in fire as the fire-shield spell.
  • Kaen.  You gain the ability to cause your hands, eyes, and weapons to light up with flame once per day, for a duration of 1 minute.  Each of your melee attacks deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage per attack. You can extinguish the flames before the expiration of the effect’s duration, but cannot then use the power again that day.

You may spend 1 ki to increase the duration of kaen by 1 minute or increase the number of damage die rolled.

From 11th level, you gain blindsight out to 30 feet.

At 11th level, you can spend a ki point to make yourself unmovable.  You automatically win an opposed Strength check when an opponent attempts to move you in any way.  No spell or other effects can force you to move.  If you become frightened, you suffer the full effect of the fear but do not run away.  You cannot move while this ability is in effect.  Root of the Mountain lasts for 1 round per level, but you can end it at any time as an action (bonus or reaction).

At 17th level, you can assume an ethereal state for 2 rounds per level per day as an action (bonus or reaction), as per the spell etherealness. You may go ethereal on a number of different occasions during any single day as long as the total number of rounds spent ethereal does not exceed twice your level.

Finally, at 17th level you gain damage immunity to all nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.

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