Dragontooth Warrior

Inspired by the spell of the same name in Goblin Slayer a D&D inspired dark fantasy anime I am kind of surprised this doesn’t already exist in D&D.  How many times have players had non-combatants they need to save but they also have a pressing issue to push deeper into the dungeon.  The Dragontooth Warrior solves the problem, tell it to carry any critically wounded NPCs to the nearest town with a note (or even help out in a combat or two).

P.S. If you decide you want to watch Goblin Slayer (as opposed to reading the novel or manga, skip the first episode unless you are OK with hentai imagery).

LEVEL: 1st
COMPONENTSV, S, M (tooth of a dragon or other valuable item worth at least 100gp)
DURATION: Special up to 8 Hours
SCHOOL: Conjuration

This spell creates a construct that takes a Medium sized humanoid shape of the caster’s choosing. Whatever shape chosen always has a rough-hewn appearance. The construct performs simple tasks at your command until the spell ends or it has achieved its task. The dragontooth warrior springs into existence in an unoccupied space on the ground within range consuming its material component in the process. It otherwise has the same statistics as a skeleton except it is a construct and shares the same alignment as its caster.

Once on each of your turns as a bonus action, you can mentally command the dragontooth warrior to act so long as it is within 1 mile of you. It can also telepathically report on its state while in that range.  In absence of a direction, it continues to perform the last command it had until it achieves its set goal or 8 hours has passed.


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