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Advantage and Disadvantage in 5e

So I have an issue with Advantage and Disadvantage in 5e. I like the idea but I find it to binary and at high-level play you can have multiple advantage and disadvantages making them mostly useless after the first one of each.  I am going to test out an option that actually changes it to d6. For example, if you have advantage you add a d6 to your roll. If you have disadvantage you subtract a d6 from your d20 roll.  You can have multiple d6 in the mix but only the highest (or lowest) counts. The benefit of this system on paper:

  • You potentially get a bigger bonus than with advantage (statistically advantage is equivalent to +5, with the dice you could get +6).
  • You can have multiple advantages and disadvantages where you get a dice pool – allows PCs to influence the dice more – but its still only -6 to +6 (you take the highest of the multiple d6 you roll.  So say you have 4d6 on advantage then you roll 4d6 and take the highest number and add it to your d20 roll.  You would do the same with advantage except subtract the highest number).
  • Rolling dice is fun and the more dice the better.


I stole this from “Shadow of the Demon Lord” where they are called Boons and Banes.  Will test over the next few sessions.


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