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A spell used in and can be found by the PCs in “Dawn of the Overmind“.  Posted for reference.


COMPONENTS V, S, M (a personal belonging of the target, a tear collected from someone that has lost all hope, and a dead worker ant)
DURATION Permanent
SCHOOL Necromancy, Enchantment


Vivimancy is a rare spell known only to a select group of illithilichs on the world of Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 12.45.25Penumbra. The spell requires a period of three weeks for proper casting, during which time the caster is required to spend one hour out of every 24 hours intoning the spell on the target (this usually requires the target be bound or otherwise incarcerated). If a single day passes without the requisite one hour of intonation, the spell fails and must be begun anew.

If the working proceeds normally for the requisite three- week period, the target is allowed an Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma saving throw (use the targets strongest saving throw). If the target fails the save, it comes under the control of the caster, wholly and completely and gains the wastelings template. In fact, the target is dead to its former life, mentally hollow like a cored apple, and lacking all will power and purpose in life but serve the caster. If ordered to do so, the victim can draw upon the memories of its former life, erecting a facade that may fool former associates; however, beneath the mask, the victim is little more than a still-breathing zombie. When not carrying out an order from the caster, the victim collapses in a heap, like a marionette when its strings are cut. If not ordered to eat, drink, and attend to other bodily functions, the victim eventually dies of thirst, starvation, and squalor. Restoration or wish have a 45% chance of returning a victim to himself; however, if an attempt is made and failed, the victim is lost forever to the vivimancer.

If the target of vivimancy makes a save following the three-week casting, it is safe for the day. However, if the caster returns again during the next 24-hour period, the target must save again, this time with a -1 penalty to its saving throw. Every time the target makes it save, the caster is forced to come again the next day to continue the intonation, but each additional day of casting after the three-week period inflicts an additional cumulative -1 penalty to the target’s save. For example, on the 5th day of casting following the initial 3 weeks of casting, the target has a -5 penalty to his save. If the caster fails to continue the spell during any 24 hour period, all negative penalties fade, and the caster must begin the spell from the very beginning.

Available For: WIZARD


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