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spelljammer Moya

After defeating the brain golems guarding the mind flayer leviathan class transport ship Moya the PCs board and take off towards Penumbra – the capital of the Illithid Empire. This is the transition between “Masters of Eternal Night” and “Dawn of the Overmind“. 

I ended describing things on the fly for Moya as they travelled and here is the complete rundown of her stats and areas.


Ancient Mind Flayer Transport
Gargantuan natural animate (construct, creature)
Initiative+24 Senses Perception +19
HP 500; Bloodied 250
AC 40; CON 40, DEX 42, WIS 38
Resist all
Speed fly 12 with pilot, 6 without.

Force Guns (Needs 1 gunner) Force
Ranged same area; +35 vs AC; 3d10+10 force damage.

Force Guns (Needs 1 gunner) Force
Ranged same area; +35 vs AC; 3d10+10 force damage.

Force Guns (Needs 1 gunner) Force
Ranged same area; +35 vs AC; 3d10+10 force damage.

6x lunarma.

Alignment unaligned        Languages All languages via telepathy
Str 27 (+22)      Dex 30 (+24)      Wis 20 (+19)
Con 23 (+20)      Int 14 (+16)      Cha 22 (+20)

General Features

  • Crocodilian like surface. There are some sphincter doors, but not many. Usually in areas that make sense to be sealed off like garbage disposal, an airlock or cargo bay. There are also tiny floating jellyfish like creatures which give off light. The intensity of this light can be adjusted by Moya.
  • Sphincter doors but more mechanical than fleshy making them less disturbing to the PCs than the plantesimal from Masters of Eternal Night.

Places of Interest

  • Crystal Library. In addition to a collection of standard books and tomes, a mind flayer library contains a small chamber in which rainbow-hued crystals line the walls. These contain psychic impressions implanted by telepathy, which can be unlocked through concentration. But, since those memories were peeled from creatures as their brains were eaten, the experience can be unpleasant.
  • Four nautiloids crawl in a terrarium.
  • An extensive collection of rocks and gems, some whose alien colors and textures are entirely unfamiliar to the characters, rests in a case. Ten are unworked gems of obvious value (500 gp each).
  • The shipmind which calls itself Moya. It is obedient to the character deemed the Captain.
  • Areas clearly meant to be crew rooms all contain 1 or 2 infravasion lanterns. These lanters give off a baleful light that provides enough light to see by but also does not trigger in any light sensitivities. These lanterns burn with a small red flame though the light it gives off is grayish-white.
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