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Call on Ancestors

To mechanically demonstrate the importance of Shintao and the Seven Fortunes to the everyday life of even the PCs these rules were created.  They are a less powerful version of divine intervention. 

Call on Ancestors

You make an Honour or Wisdom ability check – Honour to call an ancestor and Wisdom to call one of the Seven Fortunes. The result of this check determines if you are ignored, cursed or aide is sent. Roll a d20 adding your Honour or Wisdom bonus to the check and consult the “Ancestor and Fortune Chart”.

Roll Result Desciption Penalty on Next Check
1 Cursed You are cursed by a bane spell for the next hour -2
 2-17 Ignored At least you are not cursed. -1
18 Blessed You gain a boon – you have a bless spell for the next hour -1
19 Help Arrives! Type I -1
20 Help Arrives! Type II -1
21 Help Arrives! Type III -2
22 Help Arrives! Type IV -4
23 Help Arrives! Type VI -6

A character may get +1 to +2 – or in exceptional circumstances advantage – based on their actions. For example, honourable acts increase the bonus to calling an ancestor while pious acts increase the bonus for fortunes.  The opposite is also true.


Those that call on their Ancestors always receive aid from an actual ancestor manifesting on the battlefield:

  • Type I: Any CR 5 NPC.
  • Type II: Any CR 6 NPC.
  • Type III: Any CR 7 NPC.
  • Type IV: Any CR 8 NPC.
  • Type V: Any CR 9 NPC.
  • Type VI: Any CR 10 NPC.

All ancestors have the spirit subtype and are the same race and alignment as the summoner.


The type of help is determined by the alignment of the Fortune you appeal to per the Divine Aide table. For example, calling for aid from Amaterasu would use the Lawful Good line.

Alignment Type I Type II Type III Type IV Type V  Type VI
Lawful Good Princip Authority Virtue Dominion Throne Seraph
Lawful Neutral Space Death Change Fate Time Nature
Lawful Evil Barbed Devil White Abishai Oni (Ogre) Chain Devil Bone Devil Horned Devil
Neutral Good Princip Authority Virtue Dominion Throne Seraph
Neutral Fire Mote Source of Earth Pillar of Water Knight of Air Storm Magistrate High Templar of Dust
Neutral Evil Wraith Bodak Giant Skeleton Sword Wraith Commander 1 Wrait, 2 Ghasts Alhoon
Chaotic Good Mantis Knight Orchid Count Monarchon Oleander Dragon Ash Marshall Sidereal Vizier
Chaotic Neutral Baron Malgos Korsoth Vastikan The Queen of Bones Lord Rall Uursovk Maladar Dictum
Chaotic Evil Barlgura Vrock Armanite Hezrou Glabrezu Orthon
ANY CR 5 CR 6 CR 7 CR 8 CR 9 CR 10

Alternatively you can choose the ANY line and pick an appropriate servitor of that CR and alignment – for example Lawful Good would pick from the CR 5 list of all Lawful Good creatures.


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