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Amulet of Kawamon

There is a tradition in my house that when one of my kids hits the age of 10 we all watch the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon together.  This being my last round of watching with the family as a part of this tradition I thought it would be fun to convert some of the creatures and magic items for 5e.  Enjoy.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon – “Beauty and the Bogbeast”

Amulet of Kawamon
Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

This amulet looks like the yin and yang symbol and is clearly sized for a Large creature.  Any creature that puts on the amulet is transformed into an oni.  They gain all the attributes, traits and attacks of an oni if they are different from the base creature.  For example, if a bogbeast puts on the amulet as a Medium creature it becomes Large, it gains all the better ability scores (which is all of them), as well as spellcasting and regeneration and so on.  The only trait not passed on is the shapechange ability.  While wearing the amulet the creature will always look like an oni.  Though the specifics of the oni’s appearance may change from user to user.  The creatures alignment does not change, however, for each day the amulet is worn the wearer must make a DC 5 CHA saving throw. On a failure the creature shifts one step closer to Lawful Evil.  Also, the creature will need to make a DC 15 WIS saving throw to remove the amulet.

The amulet also allows the wearer to cast 5th level eldritch blast at will.



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