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From the Diary of the Cleric: Silver Mount Session 19

Entries are sporadic, but this is the first log of a ToEE adventure that somehow turned into an Expedition to the Silver Mount.  You can find it here.

Rogues Gallery

  • The Rogue – Giselle der Gauner (character #2, pervious character was Mirka the Rogue)
  • The Monk – Augusta “Tof” Bamberger and her henchmen Elmo the Ranger and pet pug General Puggins.
  • The Druid – Lilie the Elf and her henchmen Wolfram and animal companion Fuyuko the white wolf.
  • The Knight – Lintelfaden Toshcobble, squire of Rufus the Bold.
  • The Fighter – Fencil (Character #2, previous character was a cleric) and his henchmen Zof the Jarhead Wizard.
  • The Ranger – Bustov Daman and his animal companion The Mou-Mou Bird (bloodthirsty sparrow).
  • The Wizard – Boris the Jaws-Dodger.
  • The Cleric – Lorenz Brandt (character #2), the scribe.

Session 19 Recap

 Retracing their steps, the party made it smoothly to the third floor without interruptions. RO-ZRo-z the maid could be heard humming away as she cleaned, dutiful as ever, never missing a single spot. Going through the halls they had not yet explored, the floors and walls were spotless, some even shining and serving as a mirror.

  Gisella tapped her book and scratched her head. “I think that’s how these rooms connect. There were a few other rooms we had not explored since we were last here, maybe more information on the Manufactorum or the Gene-splicer.”

  Lorenz tuned out of the discussion as he watched Lintelfaden the halfling climb into 8 ft tall space marine armor, close a hatch, and start moving it as if it was a robot. She flexed the fingers, got used to the controls, and rejoined the team, ready to take the frontlines.

  “You’re still shorter than me,” Fensal reminded Lintelfaden.

  She patted his head, “Not when I’m a space marine!”

  Gisella interrupted the conversation before they could start arguing, pointing towards a locked door. “Can one of you open this door with the pass?”

  Before anyone could step up, Lorenz confidently went to the door, pulled out his holy symbol and tried to tap on the lock. Twice. It beeped and denied his access, claiming his holy symbol invalid.

  “Bronze pass invalid,” it denied.

  “Invalid?!” he exclaimed. “How is UNITY bronze and invalid?! stupid access machine-!”

  Bustov, with a sly smile, swiped a platinum coloured palm-disckey card. The machine turned green and unlocked, automatically opening to let the party in.

  “Ohohoho! Where’s your platinum pass?” he provoked. “Art thou not holy enough?”

  “W-where did you get that?!” Lorenz stuttered. “You picked it up!”

  “I’m just a more devout follower of UNITY! And I don’t even follow the goddess!”

  Lorenz’s eyes glowed and he flashed light in Bustov’s face.

  The new room seemed to be sleeping quarters of some sort. Though the door was locked, signs that RO-ZRo-z had entered and cleaned the place were apparent, alerting them that she could enter any of these rooms. A bed, two tubes on the far end of the room, and a desk; it was a rather basic place. Nothing really stood out to them even as they searched the multiple bed sheets and no other doors led to other rooms. As soon as they opened it they felt as if they had seen everything.

  Lintelfaden shook her head as she examined the sheets. “Goodness, I could make sheets better than this in my sleep! This is disgraceful.” Out fell a white box with a large red cross design on the top. Boris was able to figure out thethat specifics and it seemed to function as a robotic medkit that could use itself.

  Bustov examined the two tubes at the end of the room, both too foggy to see inside. A button next to both flashed and, he guessed, could be pressed to open the tube doors. One to his left and one to his right; he debated which one to check first.

  “Right is right because left isn’t right,” he deduced. “So we open the right tube first!”

  “No, open the left one,” Lintelfaden interrupted. “Always choose left first.”

  Bustov pulled out a coin. “Heads is left, tails is right.” As he flicked it, everyone watched to see the outcome when it clinked against the floor, tails facing up. “Right is right.”

  Before anyone could say anything, he opened up the right tube and green smoke began to ooze out. From the centre of the cloud an unsightly figure pulled itself towards them, the source of the radiation, and clutched its head. It shook its head and screeched, releasing even more radiation out of its mouth along with a putrid stench. The ear-splitting scream was bad enough but it was now protecting itself within the smoke.

  Lilie covered her ears and pulled away from the monster. “What is that?”

  Augusta shivered as she saw its eyes roll back into its head and its long fingers scratched and tore at its skin. “Definitely undead, no way that thing is alive.”

  Boris blew into his palm and created multiple magic missiles – appearing as jet-black bolts of null-energy, whirling as they weaved between the party, seeking out their target and exploding on impact. The monster recoiled from the impact but otherwise didn’t stop its advance, bringing the radiation with it.

  “Nothing the Katana of the Lich Shogun can’t handle!” Lintelfaded cried and swung straight for the neck. To her surprise, the katana didn’t glow and its magical power was lost, hardly damaging the creature, unable to cut through its skin. “Huh? Oh, wait, was that not the full name?”

  “Undead… undead…” Bustov muttered, completely ignoring the situation and searching his quiver. “Don’t I have an arrow…?”

  Fensal joined Lilie at the back and loaded the gun, spinning it as he aimed. But the room was small and he struggled to get a clear shot off. Even when he pulled the trigger his aim was off and it wasn’t a clean hit.

  “Let a real man handle this, Pencil!” Bustov laughed and nocked a pure black arrow into his quiver, the head depicting a raven in flight.”

  It glowed with purple energy as it sensed undead presence. Straight through the head, it split it open and the zombie, known as a screamer, exploded, releasing a mist of radiation and sending black goo everywhere. Bustov, his back to the explosion, flicked back his hair and cliked his fingers. “Don’t worry, don’t worry, I have it all under control.”

  Lintelfaden immediately went to the left tube and opened it. It emitted a refreshing mist and was pristine and pure. Bustov could feel the death stare from beneath the suit, no words had to be said to convey the message.

  “All’s well that ends well,” Gisella reminded. “Anyone hurt? We can heal here without any interruptions.”

  Bustov flexed his shoulder and chuckled. “Well, my back hurts not going to lie.”

  Fensal hit his knees. “You caused the problem.”

  Bustov entered the clean tube, wondering if there was anything else inside, and the door shut on him. It was completely filled with the mist and it clung to his body, but not in a way that was uncomfortable. He didn’t feel as if he was being attacked, rather, he felt refreshed and ready as if he had just taken a long rest. The mist was released first before the tube opened and he was released.

  “Hmmm,” he muttered, rubbing his chin. “I feel younger… even more handsome…”

  The space marine armor opened up and Lintelfaden jumped out, pushing Bustov out of the way. “Hold on, let me try that!”

  “She is shorter than you, Fensal,” Lorenz realized, comparing their heights.

  One by one, everyone took their turns in the tube, all leaving completely rejuvenated. Gisella marked this room down on her map in case they had to return, confident that this place was safe as it was locked from the outside.

  From what they could tell, the whole level was just one circular hallway with rooms to the side. First a kitchen then a computer room followed by a place to sleep; it was rather simple compared to what they had previously been through.

  The next room they went to had the same lock that, as much as Lorenz hated it, had to stand by a watch as Bustov unlocked it, looking smug the entire time. He entered and hit his shin on a metal chunk on the floor. In fact the entire room was littered with pieces of metal; arms, legs, heads and even eyes of random robot parts. Most of it was broken and beyond repair, serving no purpose and thrown away into this room. Most, not all, because three robot heads on a desk immediately started to shout obnoxiously. They held a strange similarity to RO-ZRo-z’s head.

  “Can I be the main head now?!” one screamed.

  “You went last time!” another complained. “Now it’s my turn!”

  “Do you not remember at all, useless hunk of junk?! I’m next to become the main RO-ZRo-z head!”

  Completely ignoring the party, they constantly bickered among themselves.

  Lintelfaden pushed through the junk and made a path, ignoring the debris entirely from within the suit. “Maid heads?”

  “They’re loud,” Augusta sighed. “And they’re completely ignoring us.”

  “They look identical to RO-ZRo-z,” Lorenz pointed out.

  As soon as they heard the name ‘RO-ZRo-z’ they stopped arguing and stared at Lorenz. “It’s my turn to be the main head!” they snapped in unison. “And I’m better than RO-ZRo-z!”

  They introduced themselves as RO-ZRo-z 1 through to 3, each claiming to be better than the other. That’s it. No other information could be pried nor did anyone really think there was much to gain. Just three heads in a locked room.

  Bustov tapped RO-ZRo-z 1’s head. “Hey, RO-ZRo-z 3 called you a tin can.”

  If they were loud before, it didn’t compare to how loud they were now.

  “Why?!” Lilie complained. “Why did you make them mad?!”

  Lintelfaden reached for a RO-ZRo-z 1 and tried to turn it around to face a wall, hoping that would make them stop arguing. Instead of arguing, they began to scream and panic.

  “Young Master! I’m being stolen!” RO-ZRo-z 1 cried.

  “Thief!” RO-ZRo-z 2 wailed.

  “Bee-do, bee-do, bee-do! Police! Police!” RO-ZRo-z 3 obnoxiously chanted.

  No one objected to leaving as soon as possible, agreeing that, if anything was in there, it wasn’t worth bleeding ears. Gisella was far ahead of the team, never even entering the room once she heard the heads. She was examining a door welded shut, sliding her hand across the sky metal.

  “Can you cut this, Lorenz?” she asked.

  Lorenz pulled out the thermal gun-blade. “Don’t thank me, thank UNITY for blessing us with such an amazing-”

  “Just cut the door,” Augusta interrupted.

  Following the welded edges, he cut through with ease but didn’t push open the door, jumping out of the way and pulling over Bustov to take his place.

  “All done,” he said. “Now you go and tank and I’ll heal from the back.”

  Bustov posed and kicked down the door heedless of the deafening clang as the full weight of the sky metal struck the floor, echoing throughout the room. In the center of the dark room was an obese man wearing a metal cap and gogglesgoggled that were attached to the roof above. It reeked of fat, sweat and body odor; there was no way he could have fit through the door even if it wasn’t welded shut.

  “Who are you and why do you disturb the games of the almighty El-ron?!” he bellowed.

  Lorenz stared at him in disgust. “Can… Can you even move?”

  Bustov broke out in laughter, unable to hold it in anymore. “You’re massive! Hahaha, what are you doing? Why are you wearing those dumb goggles, ‘almighty’ El-ron?!”

  “Play or be banned!” he declared.

  Bustov shook his head, leaning on the door frame for support as he tried to control his laughter. “Ban me!”

  The entire party was struck with a mind blast as El-ron channeled his telekinetic energy. Unblockable, a wave of pink light struck only their heads and jarred their brains, stunning those who were too weak to resist the shock. He immediately began to pull those he had dazed towards him and into the room, laughing maniacally and inviting them to join in his game. Much like the machine he was wearing, more sets dropped from the ceiling to cap those he had pulled in.

  Gisella was the first to recover and used her own psionic powers to pull against El-ron in a battle of the mind. But she had to strain herself to grab ahold of all those that had been snared by his telekinesis and it was an uphill battle.

  “Of course you were stunned!” Augusta snapped as she leapt over Bustov and into the room. 

  The bangles on her arm glowed again and her fists began to blur. In the blink of an eye, she had struck him multiple times but his fat had acted as a shock absorber and he hardly noticed her. The helmets snaked down to cap her but she was too nimble and alert, constantly on her toes and evading them with ease. Elmo was the first to recover from the mind blast and he tried to break free, but the two opposing minds had locked him in place.

  Lorenz’s eyes glowed and he aimed his trusty stun gun towards El-ron. Pulling the trigger, he aimed for the roof so that he wouldn’t hit his comrades but, at his will, the laser curved mid-shot and struck from behind. Directly on the head, it was able to break his concentration on the telekinetic hold and daze him. It was only now that a big screen could be seen in the room, a futuristic warrior who looked a little like El-ron. He fought off all manners of enemies but froze in place once El-ron was also stunned.

  Boris and Fensal came through and regained their senses soon after, but Lintelfaden still couldn’t think straight. Gisella was easily able to pull the others out but lifting the space marine armor was draining her.

  Bustov shook his head and pulled himself to his feet, barely dodging a helmet from above. “Huh? What happened?”

  Lilie ran out of the room before a helm could cap her, taking cover behind Wolfram. “You’re causing problems again-!”

  She stopped herself as she heard a familiar humming. RO-ZRo-z was coming, and they were sure she would flip when she saw this disgusting mess.

  A lot of their attacks were absorbed by his pure fat but he couldn’t fight back in any capacity. He couldn’t move and the stun gun had shocked his mind, eliminating his mind powers. As they hurt him, his virtual self seemed to take damage as well. The helmet was linking him to the screen and they continued to shoot down from the roof, endlessly trying to force anyone into his game. Only those confident in their dextrous skills entered the room but the others played it safe from outside and avoided the helmets.

  Boris clicked his fingers and created magic missiles from the safety of the hallway. “He should be weak, try to break him out of the-”

  “What are you doing to the Young Master?!” RO-ZRo-z screamed, eyes turning blood red. She looked at the scene, looked back at the party and pulled out her weapons. “Filthy and unclean people hurting him!”

  “Un-unclean?!” Lorenz stuttered. “Do you see that guy in there?!”

  Augusta leapt away from El-ron and her pale blue energy began to gather around her fist. Punching the air in rapid succession, blasts of wind were released and imbued by her ki, attacking from afar and giving her space to dodge the helmets. The air struck his helm and crushed it completely and the impact reverberated throughout his body. He began to scream and panic before he turned to black goop on the floor, cursing the cheaters who entered his game. As he was killed, his virtual self was also slain by an army of goblins and the screen vanished.

  “Hahaha! Nothing I can’t handle!” Bustov laughed.

  And a helmet was cleanly slotted onto his head.

  Outside, Lorenz was trying to urge the party not to break RO-ZRo-z despite her trying her best to shred and burn them. Her whirling buzzsaw barely missed Fensal at the same time Wolfram protected Lilie from the flamethrower.

  “But think about the parts!” Lorenz explained, completely ignoring the frenzied maid. “The buzzsaw and flamethrower and RO-ZRo-z is intelligent too!”

  “It’s trying to kill us!” Lilie snapped.

  “I can fix it, probably, maybe,” he dismissed.

  Turning around, Lorenz revealed his holy symbol, glowing with radiant light, and RO-ZRo-z froze, fell over, and shut down. The words ‘rebooting’ flashed on her eyes over and over and the battle was momentarily paused. He didn’t skip a beat and grabbed one of her arms, trying to remove her buzzsaw and flamethrower.

  “What are you doing?” Fensal asked Lorenz.

  “I’m going to take off the weapons and then maybe we can have a robot to help us,” he explained.

  Lilie’s hands crackled with electricity. “Or we could just blow her up. She is trying to kill us.”

  Lorenz disarmed the buzzsaw, inspecting its craftsmanship. “I knew this was made of sky metal. This is really useful if I want to make my own robot-”

  RO-ZRo-z finished rebooting and pulled herself off the ground, throwing Lorenz off her arm. She readied the flamethrower and aimed straight for Boris, ready to incinerate the mage. Lintelfaden intervened and took the full blaze, but was completely unscathed as it was absorbed by a forcefield around her armor. Her katana was sheathed and her hand hovered above the hilt.

  “I shall deliver this decisive blow with the Katana of the Lich Shogun’s Eternal Shogunate!” she chanted and the katana struck true, slicing straight through steel and severely damaging RO-ZRo-z. “I remember the name now!”

  “Ahhh, the damage!” Lorenz cried and tried to stun RO-ZRo-z again with his holy symbol. It was useless and she resisted the magic, barely missing him with a swing of the flamethrower.

  Lilie discharged the lighting in her fingers, firing a destructive bolt. “Just get rid of it!”

  The peal of thunder echoed throughout the level, mixed with the explosion as RO-ZRo-z’s circuitry was fried and combusted. Pieces of metal flew and wires flew in all directions as the flamethrower imploded; all that remained was useless pieces of scrap.

  “Aww…” Lorenz sighed. He began to search the remains for any useful pieces. “I could just try to make my own…”

  “Phew, that’s done now,” Lilie cheered. “One big lightning bolt and boom! The fighting is over now.”

  “Level two?! I am too good at this game!” Bustov laughed, swinging wildly at nothing in El-ron’s game room.

  From outside they could see a ranger on the screen fighting against rats. Just big rats but Bustov thought it was a lot more epic then it actually was. He had an exp bar at the bottom of the screen that would barely move with every kill.

  “What is he doing?” Augusta giggled, stifling a laugh as Bustov continued to swing.

  Fensal peeked into the room to see the screen, cautious of the helmets. “Playing… a game? He’s having fun with it.”

  Bustov went into an unprofessional boxing stance and began to punch. “Bustov the ranger has no more arrows, he is up against a god and staring down one… No! Two million goblins! With no other weapons he has no choice but to engage the god in fisticuffs!”

  What he was saying did not reflect what was on the screen at all. He was just punching a big rat with the name, Fleabag the Rotten. It took him about ten minutes to kill one rat but the death was epic and a loud triumphant roar echoed within the chamber as he gained 10 out of 500 exp.

  “Guys? Hey! Guys! A little help over here?!” Lorenz cried.

  They turned to see him running away from a swarm of animated robot parts chasing him down the hall. He held one of the RO-ZRo-z heads in his hands, of course the obnoxious one yelling ‘police’ while mimicking car noises.


  He led them straight to the party and ran past, forcing everyone to engage in the swarm. It babbled incoherently, cut and bashed anyone caught in the whirlwind of parts. Boris, who was already wounded from the previous fight, was knocked to his knees as a jagged piece of steel struck him in the stomach.

  Wolfram hardly seemed bothered by the swarm but couldn’t hit them with his greatsword, too slow to deal any real damage to the pieces of steel. Lilie thanked him for his protection and healed Boris before his wounds became fatal.

  “Thanks,” he coughed. He stared at the party within the whirlwind of parts. “Metal… Fire… I’ve got it.”

  “Got what?”

  Smoke began to rise from thehis fingers of the Bright Mage and they ignited. A fan of flames consumed the entire party and burned friend and foe alike. As soon as it had started, the fight ended in seconds and Boris dusted off his hands; a job well done.

  Lintelfaden gave him the thumbs up, completely protected from within her suit. “Good job! You took them all out!”

  “Ow…” Lorenz murmured, helped to his feet by Elmo. “I got the RO-ZRo-z head, though.”


  It was gagged as soon as possible.

  They took the time to heal the wounds they had suffered, more from their allies than the enemies they had fought. The soothing light was refreshing and the burns they had recently suffered vanished while the robotic medkit they found worked to heal others. Lorenz felt he had some usefulness as a cleric, but not much outside of that field. When he wasn’t healing, he knew his affinity with the party was subpar at best.

  While Lintelfaden grilled him, the rest of the party turned back at Bustov having the time of his life. He had just leveled to 3 and learned the ability ‘flame lick’ and he really enjoyed using it.

  “Can anybody stop me?!” he goaded. A tube snaked down from the ceiling and offered him food, ensuring he had everything he needed in one room.

  “I’ll get him out,” Augusta assured.

  She easily evaded the tubes and pulled the helmet off of Bustov, shutting off the screen in the process. He seemed stunned for a second, looking around him, unsure where he was, but he finally came through and smoothed back his hair.

  “You should have seen me! I was fighting off gods like it was nothing! And it is nothing for someone like me!”

  “Heh, I did see,” she replied, remembering him randomly swinging at nothing. “Now let’s leave the room before-”

  In a miserable attempt, he failed to dodge another helmet and was trapped in the game again. The screen turned on and loaded his previous save file, retaining all information from when he previously played.

  “Nice! I get to keep everything!”

  Augusta walked over to the control panel but couldn’t make heads or tails of the numerous buttons and lights. She tried to press a few but she still had to dodge the caps and nothing she clicked seemed to have an effect. So she broke the whole thing, charging a wind blast in her fist and letting it rip. Catching two of the helms, she snapped them off the wires and threw them at the control panel. As it sparked the lights and the screen flickered until the entire machine broke, kicking Bustov out of his game and erasing his save file.

  “No! My data!” Bustov cried. “I was about to kill my last 87 boars and level again!”

  “87…? Let’s leave this room and go to the others and maybe heal any wounds you have.”

  “Wounds? You think I would be wounded?”

  The party regrouped and recuperated, even trying to use the refresher tube but it wouldn’t accept the same patient twice. Re-sealing the door to El-ron’s game room, they decided to clear the last few rooms left in the hallway before moving on to the next level and towards the Manufatorum. Leaving unexplored rooms would be unprofessional by adventuring standards.

  The last two remaining rooms mimicked the living quarters they had previously explored but to a more personal level. One was filled with blue lights while the other, pink. As expected, the pinkblue room didn’t have anything of value except a weird headband that played a song whenever it was put on. But the bluepink room had something that Boris found very intriguing: A box with chemistry supplies. 20 different vials were neatly positioned inside, each containing a special liquid, and one empty jug used for mixing. It had a compartment with empty vials that could store any new creation that one might cook up.

  Lintelfaden hopped out of the suit and traced her finger across the words on the chemistry kit. “Fuz-Craft L’il Accelerator Lab Kit… Okay.”

  Boris poured two of the vials and they bubbled within the empty jug. The kit automatically applied heat and mixed the two liquids together, creating an entirely new substance. He gently lifted the jug out of the kit and examined it, storing the contents into a spare vial.

  Bustov nudged Lorenz. “Drink it?”

  “No way,” he laughed.

  “I can’t tell what it is,” Boris murmured. “Perhaps there is a manual for this kit…? Or the computer in the other room! Maybe that can tell me what to do!”

  Taking the kit with him, he rushed over to the computer room and began to type, trying to see if there was a way to understand how to use the chemistry set. He enjoyed learning new things and finding the secrets of this new box was exciting; nothing was going to stop him from uncovering the answers.

  Bustov picked up the chemistry kit and examined the vials. “Huh, do they mix by themselves? So I don’t need experience with chemistry.” He picked up two more vials and poured them into the jug. “Alright, let’s see what I get!”

  The party watched in horror as the liquids mixed into a bubbling mess. It turned green and began to spit as bubbles popped, releasing the steaming substance everywhere. It melted straight through the kit, destroying it in the process and splattered against the floor. Eating away at the sky metal, it dissolved straight through and hit the next level. And then the next. And the next. Bustov peeked into the hole that was made and saw his creation endlessly eating the sky metal. Soon, sirens began to blare from below.

  Lorenz had lost all respect for Bustov. “Why are you the way that you are?”

  “Stop breaking everything you touch!” Lilie cried.

  “Aha!” Boris exclaimed triumphantly. “I’ve got it! There is a manual for the kit and it tells us what-”

  He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what happened to his precious chemistry box.

  “Hahaha, maybe I messed this one up,” Bustov laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

  “I only made one thing…” Boris murmured. “The manual says it’s called mesophased duralloy? I guess I can make a weapon or something-”

  Bustov, stumbling upon a great idea, snatched the vial out of Boris’ hand. “Alloy? Metal? So it should fix this hole!”

  He proceeded to pour it all out into the hole in the floor. It sealed the one layer they were on and the precious liquid was gone in the blink of an eye. But at least the floor was fixed?

  “No need to thank me!” he assured. “Just doing what I do best!”

  “Are you joking?!” Boris snapped and began to attack him with his staff. He had to hold himself back from blasting Bustov with magic.

  “I found something!” Lorenz called from the kitchen.

  Lintelfaded hopped back into her suit and stomped all the way there. “If he finds something else to attack us-!”

  Surprisingly enough, he was excited over a simple machine. There were 5 shots of what was labeled as RO-ZRo-z’s special coffee mix and this was what Lorenz was happy about.

  “Coffee!” he explained. He then displayed the machine to the others. “So this must be a coffee machine!”

  Of course, Bustov was the first to grab one of the shots and turn on the machine. “Let’s see what this coffee stuff is all about. How do you use it?”

  Lorenz and Bustov followed the manual to the letter on how to brew RO-ZRo-z’s special mix. Some of the party watched intently, grabbing a shot of their own, while the rest simply took this time to relax and rest after the chaotic series of events they had been through. It was finally quiet, no more mass destruction, explosions, or disasters that triggered deadly maid robots.

  Bustov’s heart dropped as the coffee machine began to shake and sputter as soon as he touched it but Lorenz quickly fixed it up and prevented another precious piece of technology from being destroyed.

  “Don’t touch,” Lorenz warned. “I’ll make it.”

  As Lorenz began to create and hand out the coffee, they all noticed a weird side effect after drinking it. It wasn’t just the adrenaline rush from the irradiated mix, it was something else, something inside them changed as the excitement flooded their bodies. Specifically in their minds; the coffee affected some of them in strange ways that were immediately apparent.

  Augusta for one felt much smarter while Lintelfaden could suddenly understand technological items much more than she could before. Lilie, Fensal, and Bustov also drank the coffee but they couldn’t quite tell what the change was.

  “Hey, Pencil?” Bustov asked.

  Fensal now responded to it as if it was his name. “Yeah?”

  Bustov touched Fensal and took control over his body. The former fell to the floor unconscious as he completely dominated his friend and his actions. Of course he was very mature and the first thing he did was make a fool of Fensal before giving back his body.

  “That’s cool,” Bustov laughed.

  Fensal picked up all the stuff Bustov had forced him to throw out of his bag. “Why did you choose me to test it on?!”

  All the commotion attracted the inhabitants of the ship to crawl out of the ducts. The laughing ended as soon as they sensed the hostile creatures push open the grate of the duct and pull themselves out. The monstrosity was beyond what any of them imagined; spiders with the skin and head of cats. They hissed as they climbed on the walls, the four beasts ready to jump towards their prey.

  Gisella easily dropped one to the floor with her telekinesis and the situation was swiftly capitalized on and the creature was killed. As Lilie’s scimitar cut it, it felt like cutting through meat, not the skin or body of a spider.

  “Meow-chanids!” Bustov declared. “These are meow-chanids!”

  “Arac-cats?” Augusta guessed. “Surely they are Arac-cats,”

  “I’ve got it,” Fensal decided. “ArachnoArac-kitties!”

  Lorenz simply nodded and sliced through one with the thermal gun-blade. “Anything is better than meow-chanids.”

  They weren’t a challenge to the experienced fighters. Compared to what they just went through, this was nothing but a quick warm up. Taking time to rest as five of them finished their coffees, it gave Gisella time to finish off her map of the level, marking down where to go next to level 4.

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