Into the Past: Furkas Xoud, Nano Mage

Previous entries in this series “Into the Past“: Gearsmen Mk. I – “Knight”  Gearsmen Mk. II – “Destroyer”  Gearsmen Mk. I – “Thunder Priest”  Gearsmen Mk. I – “Boneclaw”  Guardian-Skull Hunter-Killer – “Bastion Class” Prototype Robot Apprentice Smoke Archon Finally, the man himself, Furkas Xoud – before he was killed and turned into a ghost.  My players decided to […]

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I had these messages randomly seeded throughout all six adventures.  They were designed to give the backstory of The Divinity as well as reward exploration.  My PCs found 17 of the 30.  Here is the full list.  Reading them straight through will give the full background in chronological order.  Some of the UNITY dialogue I […]


XENOS: Deacon Hope

Deacon Hope for your D&D consumption purposes.  The Ophelia is the offical high-priestess of UNITY the way Deacon Hope was portrayed he seemed to also be a machine-priest for UNITY. Deacon Hope Medium fey (mnemovore), lawful evil Armour Class 19 (incorporeal deflection) Hit Points 300 (24d8 +180) Speed fly 40 ft. STR (22) (+6)     DEX […]

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Hololithic Fragment 01

Because I am taking the story a slightly different way I decided to use “hololithic messages” – essentially video and sound recordings – to tell the story.   I created a table and rolled randomly whenever the characters found one.  Did this right from the first adventure and the more technological the locale the more […]

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