Ikiryo (Stand) Monastic Tradition

A new monastic tradition for the monk class that fits both the world (Dying Earth/9th World Setting) and campaign theme (Oriental Adventures). Inspired by Jojo. IKIRYO MONASTIC TRADITION This monastic tradition recognises and accepts that all men have an evil spirit within them – the Ikiryo – but seek to control it instead of ignoring it. This […]

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Gomwai the Golden

With the Oriental Adventure conversions complete back to my actual campaign which involves a tournament to win the Mortal Blade.  To make sense of these entries you will need to look at the adventure flowchart which gives context and explains my changes but it’s essentially a conversion of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament but with a […]

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Another creature I didn’t originally convert because I felt I its just a reskin of something like a wraith.  But on second review this is worth converting (as well as for completeness sake). This creature doesn’t make much sense as a monster as such, unless its summoned, therefore it is more a hazard than a […]

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