The Five Storms Team

With the Oriental Adventure conversions complete back to my actual campaign which involves a tournament to win the Mortal Blade.  To make sense of these entries you will need to look at the adventure flowchart which gives context and explains my changes but it’s essentially a conversion of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament but with a […]

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Ja Noi bushi

JA NOI ONI BUSHI Medium fiend (oni), lawful evil Armor Class 16 (brigandine) Hit Points 1; minion does not take half damage Speed 30 ft. STR        DEX        CON        INT        WIS        CHA 13 (+1)        12 (+1)        12 (+1)        10 (+0)        10 (+0)        9 (-1) Skills Stealth +3 Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 10 Languages Goblin, Spirit Tongue (Oni) Challenge 1/2 (100 XP) Innate Spellcasting. The oni’s innate spellcasting ability is […]

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Celestial Children

A supporting “mook” for a boss fight for my converted darkness gathering adventure. Inspired by the original Bloodborne “kin” monster. CELESTIAL CHILDREN STAR SPAWN GRUE Huge Swarm of Small aberrations, neutral evil Armour Class 11 Hit Points 175 (50d6) Speed 30 ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 6 (-2) 13 (+1) 10 (+0) 9 (-1) 11 […]

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