Magic Fang (5e)

Here for my PCs reference. MAGIC FANG 1st level Transmutation Casting Time: 1 action Range: Touch Components: V, S Duration: 1 hour Class: druid, ranger, mechromancer You choose a target, that creatures natural attacks (bite, claw, fists etc) become magic weapons for the duration. Magic fang can be made permanent with a permanency spell. At […]

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Flame Lick

One of my PCs got trapped in a VR world playing “Everquest 40k”.  He was trapped there long enough that his “ranger” got to level 4 killing rats and spiders outside of Freeport.  When he was eventually broken free of the VR trap he took with him the memory of how to cast an iconic […]

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RANGER ARCHETYPE: Rokugan Monster Hunter

More Oriental Adventures. Other roles that this class covers are phantom hunter, emerald and jade magistrate (in particular the later). ROKUGAN MONSTER HUNTER The monster hunters – or more colloquially witch hunters – combine magical training with combat expertise to battle the spiritual forces of evil in the world. Ghosts and other evil spirits, demons and oni, […]

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Onauth, Drow Beastmaster

I didn’t like the generic nature of the drow pursuit force from Out of the Abyss.  I modified some key characters and added/removed NPCs at different encounters.  This is a drow ranger – beastmaster I added to the final combat encounter between the drow of Velkynvelve and the party. ONAUTH Drow Beastmaster Medium humanoid (elf), neutral evil […]

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