XENOS: Pineto

Another creature on The Revenge (the ship in Expedition to the Barrier Peaks).  The horse cactus pineto.  Converted from 7th edition Gamma World (4e version).  I still think using 4e monster design philosophy with 5e rules produces much better monsters than the straight up 5e rules.   PINETO (Horse Cactus)  Large plant, unaligned Armour Class 13 […]

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XENOS: Vegeypygmy Adventurer!

Vegeygmies return for my second kid group.  I used thornies and peons already but this particular encounter involved an adventurer riding a pineto.  Was a fun encounter and the characters managed to take control of the pineto as well.  I definitely took inspiration (i.e. “theft”) from Dungeonmusers’ pygmies. VEGEPYGMY ADVENTURER  Small plant, unaligned Armour Class 16 (synth breastplate) Hit Points 65 (10d6 + […]

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