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XENOBLADE: Battle Angel Combo

I am a fan of the Xenoblade series though the latest version left me a bit cold – great combat but its very much a “press X to go to next cutscene” game and the cutscenes are very very long.  I still think XCX is the best of the lot.  My 14 year old daughter recently finished it and figured out an unbeatable blade combo similiar to the Blossom Dance build of XCX.  But instead of making you invulvnerable it does millions of hit points of damage (and more than once I have seen it do a 100 million+).  Potential spoilers included. Here is the setup:

 1. Team 
I have Morag as my TNK, with Perceval, Aegaeon, and Brighid as her engaged Blades. Nia is my HLR, with Dromach, Kora, and Adenine as her engaged Blades. Rex is the DPS, with Mythra, Wulfric, and Roc as his engaged Blades. The party order is as follows: Rex, Nia, Morag.

  2. Blade Combos
Morag starts off with Perceval, triggering the Gravity condition. Rex then uses Ray of Light, followed by Nia’s Heaven’s Bolt with Kora; this attaches a lightning burst to the enemy.

Once the previous combo is completed, Rex uses Mythra and triggers the Photon condition. Nia and Kora follow with Lightning Bolt, and Morag and Brighid finish with Second Sun; this attaches a fire burst to the enemy.

Rex starts again with Photon, and fires with Mythra for a second time, triggering the Gamma Ray condition. Either Nia and Dromach or Morag and Aegaeon finish off with Ruinous Weather; this attaches a water burst to the enemy.

Rex begins again with Photon, and once again with Gamma Ray. Here he switches to Pneuma, and completes the combo using Supernova; this attaches a light burst to the enemy.

  3. Chain Attack
Rex’s I Special is used by Pneuma, who attacks all elemental bursts. Nia’s I Special is used by Dromach, who explodes the fire burst. Morag’s I Special is used by Brighid, who explodes the water burst.

Rex’s II Special is used by Pneuma, who attacks all elemental bursts. Nia’s II Special is used by Adenine, who explodes either the the light or electric burst. Morag’s II Special is used by Perceval,  who explodes the last remaining elemental burst.

4. Full Burst
By this stage the Full Burst gauge should be full, and a Full Burst will begin. It’s important that Perceval explodes the last elemental burst, as his IV Special does the most damage.

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